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Will check it for you tommorow and I'll report back cheers! also some AD827SQ are on their way :P
Hi,I've ordered from eBay,I found two very trusted sellers who sell genuine opamps,and other cool stuff for audio fans. Gyrocom(audiotrak official seller) and mindofyou
I've ordered two MUSES01,they should arrive this week,and I'll report back. thinking about trying MUSES01X3.   To Nirraven,the muses02 has way better soundstage than the 8820,the bass is tighter,the sound is more upfront,more lively. with the 8820 the sound is very closed and muffled. I dont have any experience with the first STX,but STX is just great.
go for the STX II,but replacing the 8820 with MUSES02 in the buffers is a most, a whole new level. its good at everything.
hi pbm2.   the titanium HD sounds with a the same set of opamps(muses02 I\V,signetics NE5534N buffers)way more neutral,very neutral infact,compared to the ZXR. the ZXR sounds bloated.the bass is HEAVY,unbearable,I couldnt stand it.   The STX II in my opinion has the strong sound signature of the ZXR with the neutrality of the Titanium HD.
Hi Trancefury! both use the same TI headphone amplifier,but I havnt got the chance to use them with any headphones. its true,the ZXR has better positioning in games.
Hey guys. First,sorry for my lame english,just thought I may help anyone who cant decide between those 2 soundcards. its not professional review,only my 2 cents about the audio experience of the cards. I came from creative titanium HD,which I used for about 3 years,which was a great card.     First of all,the ZXR PCB and the whole card feels way more robust,the PCB is thicker,and the EMI shield which covers the whole card,not only part of it,make the card feel a...
I swapped the I\V section with MUSE02 and OPA627BP in the buffers......Awesome sounding card,but stock omps really suck!
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