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Kingdom Come
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Go for The ZXR for a cheap start...just replace the buffers from the stock LME49710 to JRC(NOT TI) 5534DD
Hey Guys! New Champ....Burson V5 discrete opamp!             Simply The Best,Very open,warm sound,analog,accurate,vocals sound great,everything...worth every penny!
Guess The Soundcard.....
Am I right - Erasure
@cucker Gaming with music,with EMI shield on---JRC5532DD(I\V)+JRC5534DD(buffers)\ LT1028ACN(if you can find them) 
@trooper05 nothing at all,my motherboard is Asus Sabertooth Z77. The problem I had with the STX,while using the SS3602,that I couldn't put the bracket back on, as it shares the same screw that holds the EMI shield.
for a cheap setup,JRC5532DD+LT1028ACN is the best I've found.
The problem with the stx,is that the pci-e bracket and the shield are sharing the same screw,and you wont be able to put the EMI shield back on,meaning you will will have problem attaching the pci bracket back on since the screw is to thin to hold only the bracket without the shield. And the ZXR has better stereo seperation,way better.
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