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OT - I see from your sig that you prefer the ultrasone ED8's to the d7000 could you make a brief comparison as to why? and more specifically how they compare in terms of bass? Thanks  
can i just ask wether the westone 3 has more bass impact than the m6? (for reference purposes) Also amazing work on the thread Joker, its been a massive help, thanks.
how about         or   (good bits start near the middle)
amazing thread would you say the ne700 has more bass than the M2/M3 and meelec m6? looking forward to the SP51
hello =D
DJ Fresh - Talkbox (Camo & Krooked Remix)  Sub Focus - Splash The streets - In The Middle (Nero Remix)
mine changes daily but for today im liking This
they are £120 here   dont know if there is anywhere cheaper for the uk
is there a difference between the ultrasone PROline 650 and the PRO 650? they look different. i can find the PRO's for £185 which is pretty expensive and the proline's which are £140 i guess i could save for a proline but £185 for me is too much. thanks for all the feedback
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