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Hello, I am interested in buying the eternas if they are still available. I live in the US and I will pay for the international shipping.
I own the ath anc7 noise cancelling set and for a NC can, the sound is pretty good. But I don't like the sound signature that much.. I feel that the mids and highs are too silent and aren't pronounced enough as the bass  for my taste and I would prefer clearer and more present mid/highs.    The only portable source I own is an ipod touch and the eq settings on there are already preset, but I borrowed it to a friend for a while so I can't really test it around for a...
Also, something a bit more predictable but still striking
Look at those glorious foreheads
HELP ME sambahdy!
As someone who will be flying on an airplane a lot and going on long road trips, I know both cans are good at isolating sound.  I have found an AKG for 55 and an AT for 105 dollars( refurbished). As far as I know, they both offer at least decent sound quality especially the AT's with the noise cancelling turned on. Also, i've been told they are both uncomfortable for a big head, which I have. Any solution?   But what I don't know about is sturdiness and durability....
I am looking for headphones that are -comfortable (hours of continued listening) -portable (traveler) -sound isolating(as a frequent flyer, but I'll be on planes a lot of the time and I don't want too much leakage) -on ear/over ear (I already have a $3 decent in ear set, not joking)   Preferably the price will be under $80 and at least under $100. I cannot afford anything above that right now. And they should at least be px100 quality. I bought those half a...
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