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  I have the M50 and M-80. If you want punch, get the M-80. The M50 does not lack bass at all. Its very good, with bass basically even across the frequency. But that punch you are looking for is awesome in the M-80 due to the midbass hump. In terms of bass the M-80 is more fun. I just got the M50 so I can't give my full opinion, yet.
I did it all! I would love to hear these. I havent been as crazy with money on headphones since I realized I'm broke, lol.
You are a girl in ur picture. I wish my headphones would stop making a tick sound every time I walk with them on.
but tom... you're a girl!
White is either very fancy or girly. So if u dress nicely i think it would work well.
I ran into the same issue. I bought from Amazon and I couldn't return the M-80 even though it had the 60 day test thing advertised on Amazon and the wording was funky. It seemed as though the testing and authorized reseller statements were one thing.
The cracked case does not affect the sound at all. It still retains its original sound because it is a BA, so even if air is moving between the IEM, it will be be affected. I don't think air is going in though, to be honest. I would like everyone to know that I only recommend these if you plan on fixing them. Because there is a crack, it will get worse if the cable keeps snagging onto things which is how I think it is cracking.
Oh, I'm not the only one with a squeaky right cup?! O_o
So back then I said I didn't hear the difference between the vents being covered. I used tape and it was not quick enough for me to do an A/B  between open and closed. Using your fingers works too. So I was able to hear the difference. To me, vocals had slightly less lower-ness so it sounded crisper. It was also a smaller sound stage. It was not a big difference, but it was there.
No, not to Australia. I've stated that I will only ship within the US. There is a two year warranty, and I contacted them. If I remember correctly they do not repair the W3's shell. Either that or my warranty was up, haha. Yeah its a huge bummer.
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