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I just got these from Gearbest and they really lack mid bass. Fortunately, Play Music lets me adjust the 75 Hz. An increase of 3 or 4 dB makes these sound a lot better for everything especially metal. Also, increased 1kHz by 1 dB.
I got a replacement pair and this new one's ear pad isn't even on because of the glue being in the way. I really don't mind that they used glue, but now it looks like its only a matter of time before it comes off completely. Anyone know how I can safely remove the glue? Or if replacement pads will ever come out? Just FYI, I didn't even try to remove the ear pad, it arrived like that. I was thinking I wouldn't mess with the replacement pair.
I got a replacement X2 and I thought I wouldn't rip off the pads this time. Well, its not eve glued it right. The gap is big enough for me to look inside and see the peg with glue all over it. I fear that it would just be a matter of time until it the pads fall off. And then I would have to pay another $20 to get the pad replaced! I dont think thats acceptable. I can't even find replacement the replacement pads on ebay anymore.
I know you guys want people to stop complaining about there bring glue holding the pads in place, but this one is slightly different. I did remove mine to take a look, without knowledge about this whole glue thing. I wanted to see if it was a normal thing. Now I can't get the pads to stay in place. I've read about 20 pages and I can't find a fix.
Does the Fiio e6 count as a real amp? I've been fine powering everything off of my desktop, but I really want to see(hear?) what these can do. I've only had the Vmoda M80, SHP9500, and the M-50 (which I think sucks).
I'm running my X2 with the Vmoda Boom mic out of the front headphone/mic port of my computer. Is that not going to give me optimum sound?
I just got these and  I find that the highs are fricken bright and that the sub bass is missing. Soundstage was not what I was expecting. The DT 770 Pro, though closed, had a wider soundstage. I don't think these are worth their full asking price. For $50-$65, I think its a fair price. The biggest selling point for me, though, was that I could plug my vmoda mic into it. No need for an adapter that I would have to use if I got something like the AKG K712 PRO, which I wish...
I'm looking for a pair of open headphones to use for competitive gaming like in CSGO so sound stage is important. I'm currently using a V Moda M80, which sound very nice but its closed, thus small sound stage. So I'm really considering these because I can plug my mic into the 3.5 mm port and its $50. Before I buy these, are there another other sub $100 open headphones that I can plug my mic into that sound better than these? I read that the bass is really lacking. And to...
  I have the M50 and M-80. If you want punch, get the M-80. The M50 does not lack bass at all. Its very good, with bass basically even across the frequency. But that punch you are looking for is awesome in the M-80 due to the midbass hump. In terms of bass the M-80 is more fun. I just got the M50 so I can't give my full opinion, yet.
I did it all! I would love to hear these. I havent been as crazy with money on headphones since I realized I'm broke, lol.
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