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That's curious.  How about SD?
That is, unfortunately, not how it works.  If I were you, I would start by filtering out DACs by feature set; then start collecting impressions on all that are left.  Here are a couple of more names after the Anedio D2 to get you started:   NAD M51, Mytek Stereo 192, PWD 2, Zodiac Gold + PSU (also the Zodiac Silver)   A little while ago people were hot on the W4S DACs too.  
Thanks -- by the way, here's what Mark told me when I was thinking of changing the fuse myself: "Yes, the fuses can be swapped easily to 115V by replacing the fuses and rotating the fuse holder..takes about 5 minutes."   I'm sure he can give you more detailed instructions.
I had blown fuse when I first received mine (bought it used and didn't really know what was wrong so to err on the side of caution I sent it into Mark to have it looked over, turned out to be just a blown fuse) -- as far as I know it's pretty easy to swap out, fuse compartment's on the back.  I REALLY wish Mark would have a PDF up on the site of how to change the fuse out with pictures.  Getting to the compartment isn't all that intuitive.  Apologies that I cannot be of...
No, this was before all that, I had a vintage receiver at the time.  Peak, at least in relation to the Paradox.
That's true.  It's been a long time since I sold my 5LEs, but from what I can remember it's not as balanced as the Paradox, slightly v-shaped in FR, and has a significant peak in the treble.  I can't recall whether it's much better in technical matters, but even if it is, the peaks and FR are it's downfall next to the Paradox.  A peak can mask detail in adjacent bands.  
  ...   =/
  Yup.   --   I know it does no good to whine that amp X didn't make the showdown, but anyway, I do lament that a KGGSHV didn't.  
  Your first question has a number of right answers depending on who you ask.  Among the number of ways headphones are evaluated, only a few are objectively verifiable, like decay times for example.  The rest is all relative and we all weigh these things differently.     I think if you're looking at it from a technical perspective, there are a bunch of phones one could consider better (the ones mentioned above for a start)...but if you look at it from an engagement...
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