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That makes sense.
  That's awesome.  Do also write about the shifts in perception you observed when posting your thoughts on the phone.
One thing about monitoring, one area where the Paradox does concede to a top flight phone is detail retrieval.  For example, there's a song by Cat Power (can't remember which one right now [..damn..]) that has some sort of distortion artifact at one point in the song.  I'm pretty well trained to hear it, because it's one of my favorite songs, and it bothered the hell out of me when I had top flight phones.  It's less apparent on the Paradox.  How do you account for that...
I wonder, is there any half-decent way to digitally attenuate volume and use the ODAC as an "DAC + amplifier"?  
That's curious.  How about SD?
That is, unfortunately, not how it works.  If I were you, I would start by filtering out DACs by feature set; then start collecting impressions on all that are left.  Here are a couple of more names after the Anedio D2 to get you started:   NAD M51, Mytek Stereo 192, PWD 2, Zodiac Gold + PSU (also the Zodiac Silver)   A little while ago people were hot on the W4S DACs too.  
Thanks -- by the way, here's what Mark told me when I was thinking of changing the fuse myself: "Yes, the fuses can be swapped easily to 115V by replacing the fuses and rotating the fuse holder..takes about 5 minutes."   I'm sure he can give you more detailed instructions.
I had blown fuse when I first received mine (bought it used and didn't really know what was wrong so to err on the side of caution I sent it into Mark to have it looked over, turned out to be just a blown fuse) -- as far as I know it's pretty easy to swap out, fuse compartment's on the back.  I REALLY wish Mark would have a PDF up on the site of how to change the fuse out with pictures.  Getting to the compartment isn't all that intuitive.  Apologies that I cannot be of...
No, this was before all that, I had a vintage receiver at the time.  Peak, at least in relation to the Paradox.
That's true.  It's been a long time since I sold my 5LEs, but from what I can remember it's not as balanced as the Paradox, slightly v-shaped in FR, and has a significant peak in the treble.  I can't recall whether it's much better in technical matters, but even if it is, the peaks and FR are it's downfall next to the Paradox.  A peak can mask detail in adjacent bands.  
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