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From many accounts, there isn't much difference between the Gold and this, and it's identical to the $2.5K Plus level model.     With the PSU included, this would retail for $2,277.  Great deal.  
That struck me as the only way it'd be possible, but using 2 TRS for balanced is so uncommon -- I dismissed it immediately.  But anyway, cool!  
Yes...what?     A software update for balanced output?  P86, any insight?
Twsmith, thanks for corroborating. On the flip side the alphabetical feature is very useful in all other instances, like when navigating folders & sub-folders.    -- I'm very curious now about the next update (after DSD/4.0.0).   -- I asked Mark recently about the SD card implementation (wanted to know whether it went I2S to the ES9018), and I received a quick reply (unfortunately it was in engineering-speak and indecipherable to me / "...custom decoded and...
Did I mention shipping to Canada and back was about $200 total?  Most expensive fuse replacement in history.
It plays through a whole folder.  Also, the Invicta has an "organic" sound to my ears, more so than the Zodiac did at least.  But if you find it analytical, they have a number of filters to choose from.     I actually find the remote scrolls through the SD card files quickly.  Holding down the button will take you from A to Z fast.  I have...I don't know, 40 albums on my 32GB right now, it wouldn't be hard at all to navigate through 160 albums.  I really appreciate...
  Nice work.  Is there some reason you don't offer the mod for HE-5LEs?  (Oops, just noticed the last sentence.)
Awesome, nice job.
MT, do you mean Project86? I never tried the PWD.  (Read too many disappointed impressions to put it on my shopping list.)   The good thing with the PWD is that you get a new DAC with every firmware upgrade. 
  Intriguing.  I had the Audiophilleo 2, as well as Gordon Rankin's Wavelink for a bit.  No matter what I tried though, I couldn't get either of them to make a difference on my Antelope Zodiac.  I even went so far as to get a friend help me do a blind test with his 009s.     I wrote them off at the time as a Zodiac owner, but as an Invicta owner I can conceive that results may be different.  Thx for sharing.
New Posts  All Forums: