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Anyone been to the NY audio show before?  Is it worth getting a 2-day pass vs. a 1-day pass?  Not sure how large this event is and if I'll be able to cover everything in one day.
  So, speaking of, was anything ever posted on the interview with Stax?  I think you attended, right?  I'm not sure if I missed it.
Tap to focus.  
Glad a cable debate came up.       Now you know.
I believe if it reads as 192 it's PCM.
From many accounts, there isn't much difference between the Gold and this, and it's identical to the $2.5K Plus level model.     With the PSU included, this would retail for $2,277.  Great deal.  
That struck me as the only way it'd be possible, but using 2 TRS for balanced is so uncommon -- I dismissed it immediately.  But anyway, cool!  
Yes...what?     A software update for balanced output?  P86, any insight?
Twsmith, thanks for corroborating. On the flip side the alphabetical feature is very useful in all other instances, like when navigating folders & sub-folders.    -- I'm very curious now about the next update (after DSD/4.0.0).   -- I asked Mark recently about the SD card implementation (wanted to know whether it went I2S to the ES9018), and I received a quick reply (unfortunately it was in engineering-speak and indecipherable to me / "...custom decoded and...
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