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Twsmith, thanks for corroborating. On the flip side the alphabetical feature is very useful in all other instances, like when navigating folders & sub-folders.    -- I'm very curious now about the next update (after DSD/4.0.0).   -- I asked Mark recently about the SD card implementation (wanted to know whether it went I2S to the ES9018), and I received a quick reply (unfortunately it was in engineering-speak and indecipherable to me / "...custom decoded and...
Did I mention shipping to Canada and back was about $200 total?  Most expensive fuse replacement in history.
It plays through a whole folder.  Also, the Invicta has an "organic" sound to my ears, more so than the Zodiac did at least.  But if you find it analytical, they have a number of filters to choose from.     I actually find the remote scrolls through the SD card files quickly.  Holding down the button will take you from A to Z fast.  I have...I don't know, 40 albums on my 32GB right now, it wouldn't be hard at all to navigate through 160 albums.  I really appreciate...
  Nice work.  Is there some reason you don't offer the mod for HE-5LEs?  (Oops, just noticed the last sentence.)
Awesome, nice job.
MT, do you mean Project86? I never tried the PWD.  (Read too many disappointed impressions to put it on my shopping list.)   The good thing with the PWD is that you get a new DAC with every firmware upgrade. 
  Intriguing.  I had the Audiophilleo 2, as well as Gordon Rankin's Wavelink for a bit.  No matter what I tried though, I couldn't get either of them to make a difference on my Antelope Zodiac.  I even went so far as to get a friend help me do a blind test with his 009s.     I wrote them off at the time as a Zodiac owner, but as an Invicta owner I can conceive that results may be different.  Thx for sharing.
That makes sense.
  That's awesome.  Do also write about the shifts in perception you observed when posting your thoughts on the phone.
One thing about monitoring, one area where the Paradox does concede to a top flight phone is detail retrieval.  For example, there's a song by Cat Power (can't remember which one right now [..damn..]) that has some sort of distortion artifact at one point in the song.  I'm pretty well trained to hear it, because it's one of my favorite songs, and it bothered the hell out of me when I had top flight phones.  It's less apparent on the Paradox.  How do you account for that...
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