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Will look into it if LFF doesn't get back to me soon, ideally it'd be nice to have the adapter match my existing cable for the Vader Paradox.   The metadata fix doesn't seem to be working for me.  I have a Phillip Glass album on an SD, Etudes for Piano, and it still reads it as 1) Etude #1, 2) Etude #10, 3) Etude #2, etc.
Wow, thanks for that.  I was only aware of Blue Coast Records.  Approximately how much does Charleston charge for the adapter?  I might be interested as well if the cost is reasonable.
I can't speak for DFF, but I tried several DSF files yesterday on my loudspeakers and they all worked without a hitch.  (This may be obvious, but did you verify you have 4.0.0 by navigating to My Invicta?)     I'll give DFF a shot at some point.  Did you find a free file somewhere?     --   As an aside, the DSD files sound *really* good.  The step forward from redbook to DSD vs. redbook to high-res PCM is much greater.   --   Project86, congrats!
  So now that you've had it for a while, how did it work out over the Gungnir or V200?  
Anyone been to the NY audio show before?  Is it worth getting a 2-day pass vs. a 1-day pass?  Not sure how large this event is and if I'll be able to cover everything in one day.
  So, speaking of, was anything ever posted on the interview with Stax?  I think you attended, right?  I'm not sure if I missed it.
Tap to focus.  
Glad a cable debate came up.       Now you know.
I believe if it reads as 192 it's PCM.
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