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Surely.  The best things in life aren't free (nor cheap).  On that note, I know of the perfect cable for the HD800s.  Just ask me to find out which one it is (there's a nominal fee of $40).
Anyone selling anything @ the meet?  Either headphones or stuff that isn't easy to ship?  
  Just around the house, not as often as I should.     Thanks.
  Nice.  (this your first pic?)   --   Haven't posted in a while, doing small pics to compensate for low-res:       Exaggerated exposure for a look @ Vader Paradox's matte black finish:  
  Yeah I remember.  Eek, better bass extension than 950?  =/  I'm good. - Thx for opining.
^ how's the LNS compared to the 950?
^ Lol.
  Gotcha.   --   Also, scratch what I said before twsmith.  Just noticed they've added something to the options menu called "Sort By Track #" and "Sort by Name."   Once I toggled sort by Track #, metadata for that was read properly.
^ Could be.   --   Also, P86, any insight on whether the dual TRS balanced output will be an "option" via the menu or a fixed change?  I would ask Mark myself, but I already have one question pending with him about UHF noise & DSD.  I don't want to overwhelm.     Concerned about using non-balanced HPs in the future, such as CIEMs.
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