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Anyone selling anything @ the meet?  Either headphones or stuff that isn't easy to ship?  
  Just around the house, not as often as I should.     Thanks.
  Nice.  (this your first pic?)   --   Haven't posted in a while, doing small pics to compensate for low-res:       Exaggerated exposure for a look @ Vader Paradox's matte black finish:  
  Yeah I remember.  Eek, better bass extension than 950?  =/  I'm good. - Thx for opining.
^ how's the LNS compared to the 950?
^ Lol.
  Gotcha.   --   Also, scratch what I said before twsmith.  Just noticed they've added something to the options menu called "Sort By Track #" and "Sort by Name."   Once I toggled sort by Track #, metadata for that was read properly.
^ Could be.   --   Also, P86, any insight on whether the dual TRS balanced output will be an "option" via the menu or a fixed change?  I would ask Mark myself, but I already have one question pending with him about UHF noise & DSD.  I don't want to overwhelm.     Concerned about using non-balanced HPs in the future, such as CIEMs.
Will look into it if LFF doesn't get back to me soon, ideally it'd be nice to have the adapter match my existing cable for the Vader Paradox.   The metadata fix doesn't seem to be working for me.  I have a Phillip Glass album on an SD, Etudes for Piano, and it still reads it as 1) Etude #1, 2) Etude #10, 3) Etude #2, etc.
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