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  Aside from the Paradox being slightly closer to my version of neutrality in tonal balance, and having an even response throughout it's response, the HD800 is more in every way...gross detail retrieval, resolution of spatial cues, comfort, price, staging, etc.
Selling my Odyssey Stratos Plus power amp.  Retails for $1.5K.  It sounds great, however, I'm tempted to try a different amp for my speakers.     Some scratches, only thing to report is once in a blue moon the transformer used to vibrate, it doesn't happen anymore.  This doesn't affect sonics on either channel and came from the unit itself.  Klaus of Odyssey Audio amps offered to fix this for free but I never got around to sending it to him since it dissipated.  It's...
I'm selling my Vader Paradox if anyone's interested.
Vader Paradox for sale, comes with bag, 3.5mm adapter, terminated in XLR.  Sounds fantastic.     The 3.5mm adapter's sheathing is a bit frayed.  Aside from that nothing to report.   I can provide pics, but they're pretty much identical to this pic:    http://referencesounds.com/paradox.html#!/~/product/category=3559791&id=15120054   Let me know if you want me to send pics though.   Shipping included, PP no, see my feedback & send a no-fee payment.
  I never really got Plankton.  It was like everyone was saying low level information, and then suddenly that became 11 characters too many, and we need Plankton.  I mean I guess it adds a helpful visual for people who might be especially confused.   I want to nominate a secondary meaning to Double-Penetration.  When a headphone comes out that's twice as much as it's predecessor.  Twice the price.  Twice as similar looking.  Twice the failure rate.
^ Definitely haven't seen any yellow Rokits in 70s pornos.
Oh, anything that catches my fancy.  Maybe a Krell KSA-5 on the cheap.     But kidding aside, if anyone has an interesting looking diffuser or two I might be interested.  
Hmm, the earlier versions weren't "idiot proof" (their words) so you may have to wait a bit longer Preproman.  Try the next version when it comes out.
I think I've touched my Invicta all of 5 times.  I usually go with the remote.  Protective display tape is still on.       Hmmmm...come to think of it, I'm a little OCD with it.
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