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  He seemed like an ok guy, I sold something to him once.  I get that flipping is a bad thing for collectors but technically the market should be allowed to go wherever it may (willing buyer/seller).  Especially when it's something as irrelevant/non-consequential and harmless as headphones.
  How much do you have to pay?
  Usually between $375-525+ depending on finish.     Not 800s, probably the C4 CIEM.  When I had a problem...   Problem:   [[SPOILER]]   I realized I didn't have time to listen to everything, nor did anything have an even enough response, so I downsized to the Paradox.  But since I got a half-decent speaker rig in my room, I've just been using those.  So the Paradox was just sitting there, too big to take to outside, not good enough to displace speakers.  Hence C4s soon...
They sold already.   -- Will miss 'em dearly.  
  This one guy was really happy with a J2 + HE6.  I had a F3 clone for a long time with HE-6 + HD800 + LCD-2 + K!K.   They all worked well on it ('cept the K1K, needed more juice).
  What did you use the F3 with?  
  Aside from the Paradox being slightly closer to my version of neutrality in tonal balance, and having an even response throughout it's response, the HD800 is more in every way...gross detail retrieval, resolution of spatial cues, comfort, price, staging, etc.
Selling my Odyssey Stratos Plus power amp.  Retails for $1.5K.  It sounds great, however, I'm tempted to try a different amp for my speakers.     Some scratches, only thing to report is once in a blue moon the transformer used to vibrate, it doesn't happen anymore.  This doesn't affect sonics on either channel and came from the unit itself.  Klaus of Odyssey Audio amps offered to fix this for free but I never got around to sending it to him since it dissipated.  It's...
I'm selling my Vader Paradox if anyone's interested.
Vader Paradox for sale, comes with bag, 3.5mm adapter, terminated in XLR.  Sounds fantastic.     The 3.5mm adapter's sheathing is a bit frayed.  Aside from that nothing to report.   I can provide pics, but they're pretty much identical to this pic:    http://referencesounds.com/paradox.html#!/~/product/category=3559791&id=15120054   Let me know if you want me to send pics though.   Shipping included, PP no, see my feedback & send a no-fee payment.
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