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I liked it fine (it was a Stratos Plus).  I like the F3 even better.  It's got a lower noise floor.  The "images" are more precise.  Better dynamics.  Lower bass extension. 
  Maybe if I still had an HE-6 I might!     Personally I enjoyed the treble on the HE-6 too.  It's just that the response across the range could have been a bit smoother.  That trough in the midrange accentuates the transition to the treble, and makes it seems like there's an etch up there.  If that transition could be smoother, it'd be lovely.   Not sure what I'm doing here or why I'm thinking about this though, I've already left this baby in a dumpster.
On the subject of Invicta reviews and impressions, when people try to make a play on words with the word Invicta, it ends up miserably sad.     I've read this once or twice.  
That is awesome Armaegis.  Kudos for doing something about the edge instead of living with it.   Wish I could hear this.
There's the word I was looking for.  Interestingly Dictionary.com gives 'formative material, stuff' as it's 5th definition of the word metal.  I guess enough people have made that mistake for that to be on there, or maybe that means it's not a mistake at all.
P86 already knows this (w/ the Linkwitz Orion experience) but, the Invicta really starts to show it's metal on a capable speaker rig.
  No mistake, the second part of your sentence explained the first part.  Your english is fine.
Yuz.  http://head-direct.com/Products/?act=detail&id=104
  This is too cool.  Can you post a pic if you get a chance?  
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