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P86 already knows this (w/ the Linkwitz Orion experience) but, the Invicta really starts to show it's metal on a capable speaker rig.
  No mistake, the second part of your sentence explained the first part.  Your english is fine.
Yuz.  http://head-direct.com/Products/?act=detail&id=104
  This is too cool.  Can you post a pic if you get a chance?  
  Love that album (if that's Break of reality and my eyes do not deceive me.)
Putting all the technical stuff aside, that Mac Mini looks pretty cool on top of those, whatever they are.  Thumbs up.
Unfortunately good sound engineers can't be bought/sold, I think there's some kind of technicality that applies.
  He seemed like an ok guy, I sold something to him once.  I get that flipping is a bad thing for collectors but technically the market should be allowed to go wherever it may (willing buyer/seller).  Especially when it's something as irrelevant/non-consequential and harmless as headphones.
  How much do you have to pay?
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