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The DAC.  It has an SD card input.
Just the UM3X and an incoming Paradox.  Might just consolidate both down to a custom IEM later.
Alright so I went from all this shi+...           To this...         With a pair of these:       And no computer in the chain at all:       And I couldn't be happier.   --   Apologies that I had to soften the pictures a bit, noise was introduced by the lighting correction app I use on my iPhone.  
There's an appreciation thread for these?     Well I really like mine.  Best universals I've had so far.  They don't have the awkward fit of the SM3, and the sound is satisfying and smooth and even in FR, decently detailed.   I really like them off my new DAC, they went up another level.     My one vice is probably using them for long drives.  They're so comfy and they keep my awake on the highways @ night.  Not that I'm an interstate truck driver...but I've...
Lol.   This thread started 4 months ago, and some that posted "totally satisfied with XX" now have vastly different cans in their rigs.   As for finding any kind of nirvana, there's a saying that goes "the only peace you find on the tops of mountains is that which you bring with you."  
Isone Pro is just a less sophisticated room & speaker emulation plug-in.  Both have some overlap in functionality.
  Googleli has been laying low since he bought Stax.  
  Ditto, and my thanks for taking us all a step closer to winning death.  When I asked Bozebuttons whether he would be willing to sell it to me when the time came, he said "get in line."  Lol.     I'm buying boards for this.
^ That's the one I heard.  =]
Reminds me of Bangalore.
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