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^  I seriously think you need to read/search more.  Head-fi sucks...sorry, I mean Head-fi's search sucks, so use Google to site specific search head-fi.  Here's how.  There's years worth of answers to "novice" questions just like the ones you've been posting.   --   Good post, Spritzer. 
Assassin's Creed III, I just can't get myself to do it, to have fun playing this.  I enjoy following the story, I enjoy the cut scenes, but anytime I have to be playing, I don't enjoy myself.   Not a criticism of this game in particular though.  It's pretty nicely done overall.  
K1K & LCD-2 were kind of weird @ gaming.  HD800 I liked, but the bite got to me after a while, especially with shooters.   Those are really criticisms of the headphones though, over all it was pretty sweet, especially with the HD800.
I bought a PS3 500GB (the latest super-slim model) w/ Assassin's Creed III as a bundle 2 nights ago for $300+.  I bought it b/c I thought I might play some blurays, but it's an awful lot of money for just a bluray/netflix player and after a brief try, I decided I'm not really into the gaming aspect. I could return it, but they'll probably give me a whole lot of store credit which isn't appealing. Anyway, it's in virgin condition if someone wants it.  Shipping...
@ MT, Perhaps you're thinking of Pass Labs?  First Watt is pretty affordable.  $1.5-2K for M2 or F3.  $2.5-3K for J2.  Low power too.   A J2 was effectively stolen on Audiogon recently for $2K.     Line Magnetic stuff is super nice too (speaking from some brief personal experience).  Here's Devore demo'ing his speakers with Line Magnetic @ a recent RMAF, he also uses them at Monkeyhaus, which speaks to his confidence in them.   Eh, I say that but...I always...
Ditto to what's said above by Colin, and then that amplifier isn't even that great a headphone amp.  For that kind of money, there's First Watt to consider, Line Magnetic, Rogue Audio.  A plethora of more lauded choices.
  Let us know what you like.  The new paper woofer'd Gibbon Devore's are dope.
You're looking for a couple of things...something that can take optical digital audio from your consoles, or USB digital audio from your computer, and convert that into dope analogue audio, and then something to amplify that, and feed it to your headphones.   You'll need 2 things to achieve this:         1) A decent digital-to-analogue converter or what's commonly known as a "DAC" with the both optical and USB inputs.         2) A headphone amplifier...
Get an affordable one box solution (DAC/amp combo) w/ optical and USB in.  Optical for your consoles and USB for your PC.  I'm not sure what the current FOTM product is, but I'm sure you can't go wrong compared to what you have.
  Thanks Silent One, and Lol @ the new avatar.     =]   Thx man, your finish must have been stunning in person.  I put a Netflix movie on that little 21.5" monitor yesterday and you weren't kidding about how immersive it can get.  I think a larger TV for movie watching is creeping up on my list.  =[     Edit: Did I say TV?  I meant projector.
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