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Twsmith, agreed wholeheartedly.  The SD option is certainly the most resolving.  I prefer it as the reference standard in my rig, but when I'm lazy to upload a new CD, the Cambridge/optical combination sounds really good, almost analogue-like but without the precision of SD.  Like I said, it's a more cohesive presentation where you have trouble pin pointing things, but the whole room just fills with the music.  Will have to try out the adapter at some point but for now,...
  That's awesome. 
UPDATE: This is sold.
Selling my Westone UM3X.  Had these for a few months now, great condition.  Have a number of tips (I think 4-5 sets).  Case, airplane adapter, cleaning tool all included.  Don't know warranty information (I bought them used).  I will ship USPS Priority small flat rate box (original box doesn't fit that box so it's not included.  This costs $5.35 in the US.  Shipping covered by buyer.  Paypal gift highly preferred or add 2.9%, see my feedback.   PM away.
Just discovered this based on a recommendation: http://www.zoekeating.com/projects.html   Listen to the first three tracks sampled there.  Sublime!
  Oh man, don't even get me started on that one.  
  Kjk, yes I compared them to the UM3X as well as the B2 (DBA-02 clone) which I have owned for a long time (no longer do).  Also in house were a pair of Stax IEMs (SR-003 + 252S energizer).  My expectations are based on those, plus the sum of my experiences with all my phones, including the top full size phones.     However, when listening to the CX 985, I mostly had the Brainwavz B2 in mind, which is the only sub-$200 IEM I hold in really high regard for how hard it...
Didn't even realize they sell those, will have to get some.  Thanks, Project86.
One thing I completely overlooked when I bought the Invicta was the lack of a traditional RCA-type coax input.  Those with CD transports will have to settle for optical input.  Depending on the quality of your transport, this may or may not be a problem.  The 350C I use really sounds dope, even with optical.  I tried some other transports and found it totally lackluster.     SD card does beat optical, but just by a bit.  Optical sounds flatter, more cohesive, and...
It's an esoteric technology, the prices make sense to me.  Also, the absolute minimum you can spend is around $550 when Amazon auto-pricing decides to drop the ESP950s that low.  As far as what Stax "should do", they do as they damn well please, that much they have made clear.  They have, on multiple occasions, proven that they're willing to drive the company to the brink just to push the envelope & create a better headphone.  In true shokunin fashion, I don't think they...
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