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I typed in the wrong page number and I ended up finding two separate interesting discussions, one starting here, and then the actual thing I was referring to starts here.  (The second just clarifies what was up in the air till then - efficiency).    Anyone know if the GSX is the same as a super symmetry Dynahi?
What you're facing here is the usual fission vs. fusion lynching party.  You've obviously made an effort to gather a few different variables and report on your findings and there's no harm in that, and neither is it something to shy away from.  What Preproman is so uneloquently saying  here, with the aid of unnecessary pictures, is that some of us have found success with high current, high quality speaker amps.  KG recently posted some thoughts on driving requirements...
Seriously.  Excellent explanation & visual.
Ah, well there you go then.  It's a total crapshoot.
HE-6 use to fit my just head fine.  I know some who left it was too clampy/small.  If you're doing a review, remember that there are those for whom the HE-6 fit just fine.  Also, the ergonomics/weight distribution is so much better than the other planar brand.
Need a used newer version HD600 shipped to NYC.
Cool, might drop by.
Wasn't the prototype slightly less efficient?  In any case it looks good.  
  That sounds like a good plan.
  That puts things in perspective, thanks for sharing.  I lament that there isn't a standardized, comprehensive Inner Fidelity-like measurements site for speakers.  Since that's the more popular side of audio anyway, it's confusing that there isn't.     Do report back on the Leben vs. LM showdown.
New Posts  All Forums: