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  Yup.   --   I know it does no good to whine that amp X didn't make the showdown, but anyway, I do lament that a KGGSHV didn't.  
  Your first question has a number of right answers depending on who you ask.  Among the number of ways headphones are evaluated, only a few are objectively verifiable, like decay times for example.  The rest is all relative and we all weigh these things differently.     I think if you're looking at it from a technical perspective, there are a bunch of phones one could consider better (the ones mentioned above for a start)...but if you look at it from an engagement...
  Agree.  Classy.    It does remind me of Hey Ya, Very Best a little but oh my god that is annoying, this isn't.   --   I showed up to say I got my Vader Paradox, and the Paradox are sure to be a favorite among HD650 lovers.  It's from the same music first school of thought.  
Yes, it's got a bit of 45 SET magic somehow, but at it's core it's fast and detailed with great image placement.  I know the J2 is supposed to be even better with regard to detail and spatial cues but this was about the best I had heard, hard to fathom even more without sacrificing the SET like tonal balance, and keep in mind mine was just a clone of the circuit, so I'm sure what applied to mine applies to yours more so.  Looking forward to hearing your thoughts.
Yup, it can only be better than the clone F3 I had it and that complemented the HE-6 so well.  The only thing that topped it (and only sometimes) was the unearthly union of HD800 and F3.  If you can summon the guts to get your HD800 on the speaker taps of the F3 good things will happen.
I'm just kidding around, I don't really know what he's talking about.  On another note, I got my Paradox!  
Shhh.  Nobody make any sudden movements.  Yes preproman, another website.  AVSforum.  See you there!
  So is HD saying 70wpc @ 50 or 8?  (Mostly just being stubborn here, probably means 8?)   --     I'm starting to come around to this view.  I like ultra linear things, but it's an exercise in futility when the AD and AA process on the recording side is rampantly ****ty.  Why ultra-resolve what mastering engineers don't even care about and have carelessly compressed or carelessly mixed?  Might as well strap on something pleasing.  I say that, but I know I'm a little used...
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