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In, unlikely to bring anything.  
  Aw, well if it helps I would have been pretty stoked if I picked it up at the price you did.  I still have to locate those hifituning fuses!  I haven't forgotten, once this move actually gets underway sometime this summer, they should reveal themselves and net us some lunch money.   --   I've liquidated most of my serious gear, but still have my speakers, if anyone here in the NYC/NJ area is interested in a pair of $4K Devore's (Super 8s) at about 1/4th that price, let...
  Thanks.     Yeah I should have done than just posted, right?  Hmm, so much work.  I have a good feeling Dias is about to show up and post all the details like he usually does.
Anyone what the ballpark range of UE discounts @ the meet are?  Also do you just leave the impressions right there if you order right there?  Thereby skipping the grief of having to ship it out?                 Thanks.
  Hey!  Glad to see the amp's working out for you.  The safest manner of disconnecting the headphones is to turn the amp off in the back, then unplug the XLR M from F.  Leave the bindings connected unless you're looking to hook up something else, speakers maybe, another speaker tap adapter, etc.
I have a pair of Devore Fidelity Super 8s for sale.  Originally $4K, I am selling for $1,500 due to cosmetic blemishes (scratches on the sides of the cabinets).  They are cherry in color and the wood is just gorgeous despite the scratches.  I do not have boxes so local pick up in NYC only.  Might be able to do a drop off if you're close enough.  Feel free to make me an offer.   I'll make an attempt to get pictures up soon for here and Audiogon.   I had the...
  fejnomit, yes I too would love it if you bought my amp.     Are you going for the child/aging parent analogy here?  Or the other use of the "caring for/taking care of daddy" phrase?  It's a little disturbing as vague as you left it.
No amp to be precise Silent One. For a variety of reasons I am downsizing. Provided the F3 is safe with D7Ks and HD650s, and I would urge those interested to do their due diligence regarding safety, I don't see why it wouldn't sound fantastic, as it has with everything else. Cante Ista, it is the real deal. No clone.
Seems like a great time to mention this since Cante Ista just posted that F3/HE-6 write up.  I'm selling my F3.  Flawless, $1.4K pp gifted and shipped in the CONUS.  Let me know if any of you guys are interested.
I'm prepping for an upcoming move so I'm looking to sell some rather cumbersome items, let me know if any of you fellas are interested:   Devore Fidelity Super 8 Speakers - MSRP $4,000 - selling for $900 (has a couple scratches) First Watt F3 power amp - MSRP something like $3K? - selling for $1,400 Not so cumbersome Resonessence Invicta DAC - MSRP $4K - selling for $3K  Sold GIK Acoustic Panels - $650 worth (4 wide-band traps "GIK 244s" and 2 bass traps "GIK...
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