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noble 4s - $260 custom art music one - $60 CA 640a integrated amp + head amp - $120
AKG K7XX, good condition, gently used.  PP & shipping included.  Bought used and worn sparingly for about 6 weeks. Sold
Mullet, I'll be in Stamford the same weekend, will try to stop by.  It's been a while since I saw you and other meet regulars.
All the posts above are valuable food for thought, glad I started this off.     As for me, I got impatient, and with the influence of one particular Amazon review, ended up buying the 87-V a day after I created this thread.     I'm sure there are some $6 "throwaway" meters in my future as well - as I like the hook-up/turn-on safe approach Dsavitsk recommended.   I need to read more about electrical safety for sure, and start messing about with some perf-board low...
Ok cool, thx
As above.  If I missed some recent thread on this - sorry.  Looking for recommendations on specific models.  I intend to build some headphone designs as well as some Pass power amp designs, in case that makes a difference.     So far I've been eyeing the Fluke 179 and 87-V.
PM me (CONUS only).
Schiit Modi for sale, about a year old, used only 3-4 times as I got a CD player soon after I bought it.  USB cable not included.  Ships Priority to CONUS only.     Please PM me - Thanks!
K701 for sale, in great condition and comes with box and AKG base stand.  PP gift preferred or add money for the fee, will ship using USPS this weekend.   PM me, thanks.
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