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All sold
noble 4s - $260 custom art music one - $60 CA 640a integrated amp + head amp - $120
AKG K7XX, good condition, gently used.  PP & shipping included.  Bought used and worn sparingly for about 6 weeks. Sold
Mullet, I'll be in Stamford the same weekend, will try to stop by.  It's been a while since I saw you and other meet regulars.
All the posts above are valuable food for thought, glad I started this off.     As for me, I got impatient, and with the influence of one particular Amazon review, ended up buying the 87-V a day after I created this thread.     I'm sure there are some $6 "throwaway" meters in my future as well - as I like the hook-up/turn-on safe approach Dsavitsk recommended.   I need to read more about electrical safety for sure, and start messing about with some perf-board low...
Ok cool, thx
As above.  If I missed some recent thread on this - sorry.  Looking for recommendations on specific models.  I intend to build some headphone designs as well as some Pass power amp designs, in case that makes a difference.     So far I've been eyeing the Fluke 179 and 87-V.
PM me (CONUS only).
Schiit Modi for sale, about a year old, used only 3-4 times as I got a CD player soon after I bought it.  USB cable not included.  Ships Priority to CONUS only.     Please PM me - Thanks!
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