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PM me (CONUS only).
Schiit Modi for sale, about a year old, used only 3-4 times as I got a CD player soon after I bought it.  USB cable not included.  Ships Priority to CONUS only.     Please PM me - Thanks!
K701 for sale, in great condition and comes with box and AKG base stand.  PP gift preferred or add money for the fee, will ship using USPS this weekend.   PM me, thanks.
Selling an RE-400.  I just received this replacement pair last week after my first pair failed.  The first pair lasted just more than 11 months so its out of warranty now.  It just comes with a pair of medium tips in a ziploc bag.  I'll mail it Priority USPS.   Thanks, suggest a price and PM me.
Ack - sorry Lee, I'm gonna have to step out.  I have family visiting and it's a no go.   Will miss seeing all you guys.  Have fun.
In, unlikely to bring anything.  
  Aw, well if it helps I would have been pretty stoked if I picked it up at the price you did.  I still have to locate those hifituning fuses!  I haven't forgotten, once this move actually gets underway sometime this summer, they should reveal themselves and net us some lunch money.   --   I've liquidated most of my serious gear, but still have my speakers, if anyone here in the NYC/NJ area is interested in a pair of $4K Devore's (Super 8s) at about 1/4th that price, let...
  Thanks.     Yeah I should have done than just posted, right?  Hmm, so much work.  I have a good feeling Dias is about to show up and post all the details like he usually does.
Anyone what the ballpark range of UE discounts @ the meet are?  Also do you just leave the impressions right there if you order right there?  Thereby skipping the grief of having to ship it out?                 Thanks.
  Hey!  Glad to see the amp's working out for you.  The safest manner of disconnecting the headphones is to turn the amp off in the back, then unplug the XLR M from F.  Leave the bindings connected unless you're looking to hook up something else, speakers maybe, another speaker tap adapter, etc.
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