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I'm the second owner of these Alpha Dogs, and besides a small blemish on the left ear cup that is not very visible, they are in good shape.   They are the later version with the BMF tuning dots and tuning pads.   Buyer splits shipping if within CONUS and please send Paypal gift (or buyer takes care of fees)   - Price is firm and NO TRADES-
These are in like new condition.   They are the latest version with Brown headband, which has a bit more padding than the black headband, also looks much classier.     Price is FIRM and buyer pays for actual shipping and fees if gift is not used.   NO TRADES
These are now SOLD
Up for sale is a pair of minty Claret Alpha Prime (only weeks old).     Buyer pays for actual shipping and associated Paypal fees   The price is FIRM   No trade offers please.
I would like to join the loaner program for the PM-1, and I agree to all the terms and conditions :)
 Depends on what your usage will be. Have never tried DigiZoid so I don't know much about its performance, but for Arrow 5, you might want to check out the 5N instead if your main use is with full size. If my memory serve me correctly, the 5P's bass boost is very much like the 3G's, which has 9db boost on level 1 and +18db for level 2. When using the bass boost with my IEM, level 1 works pretty well and adds a deep punch, but level 2 can be over powering. Level 2 sound...
 I think he said the 5P (which is what I have) is a little higher than the other two due to the higher gain. I'm not sure if it's only exist/evident with the bad boost on, because with no bass boost, the amp was dead silent with the in ear, and just pure blackness with my full size.
 I gave it a quick check with my Klipsch X10 in ear to listen for the hiss. Setting volume to max with no music playing, the background is pitch black on gain setting 0 and 1, while 2 has a very faint hiss in the background, again this is with the volume on the absolute max on all three gain settings.  I haven't had the chance to try it with the Nexus 5, but is was noticeably better than my ONE M7.
Having purchased multiple Arrow from him, yeah.... he is not the type to give you prompt replies. But he has always delivered with the products, so while I have no idea when the European and Australian region orders will go out, he will get your amp to you.
Comes with all original packaging/inserts, in very good condition except for a minor nick in the lower bottom corner of the left ear piece.   This pair of HD800 does not have the dreaded 6khz spike that is typical for the HD800, occasionally there will be pairs that doesn't have the spike, but it more of a manufacture variance and not to specific batches. To get a pair without the 6khz spike is really luck of the draw.   - Will be in original package   The asking...
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