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I've had it with the ​5P and did find it narrowing the soundstage a bit (the 5TX does a better job not disturbing the SS) , but it did provide better control for my PM3 and Audeze's. With the UE900, I thought the sound was better straight out of the ZX2.
 For me this is with the UE900 as well as the full size. I noticed this when I was checking to see if the X5 handles the IEM as well as the external amp, the 5P narrowed the sound stage a bit but thought sound quality was better. With the 5TX, the sound stage remained the same as the source. *Likely attribute the difference in sound stage to the change in opamps.  
 Technically, it is better to use lower gain whenever possible, since increasing the gain also increase the noise level. So if you are using something more sensitive, you are more likely to hear noise in the background. Using higher gain shouldn't change anything besides giving you higher gain on the signal, so if you don't need the extra loudness, staying with lower gain should give you cleaner sound and more play with the volume pot. *Although sometimes I do see people...
 I received the normal bass version early last week. For me, I found the 5P's bass boost and treble boost was too strong for my headphones, so I elected to go with the non boosted version. After a few days of with the 5TX, I found the sound stage to be better than the 5P. When I paired the 5P with the X5, I found that even though the sound was cleaner, there was a definite narrowing effect on the sound stage. With the 5TX, the sound stage is maintained while providing...
Well... for those in the US, I have a new sealed unit from US SonyStyle store for sale. My brother ordered me one as a b-day gift, but I'm pretty satisfied with my X5 at the moment. I'm not going to post the link here, but if you are interested you can find it in for sale section or through my profile.
I received this new Sony ZX-2 player as a b-day gift from my brother. Being that I'm pretty satisfied with my X5 at the moment, I'm posting this new sealed player for sale. This is a sealed US player that was directly purchased from SonyStyle   I will cover Priority shipping and full insurance within US but buyer will take care of PayPal fees. NO TRADES!   This sale is for US only as I'm not comfortable shipping something of this value overseas.   Of course, if you...
I'm the second owner of these Alpha Dogs, and besides a small blemish on the left ear cup that is not very visible, they are in good shape.   They are the later version with the BMF tuning dots and tuning pads.   Buyer splits shipping if within CONUS and please send Paypal gift (or buyer takes care of fees)   - Price is firm and NO TRADES-
These are in like new condition.   They are the latest version with Brown headband, which has a bit more padding than the black headband, also looks much classier.     Price is FIRM and buyer pays for actual shipping and fees if gift is not used.   NO TRADES
These are now SOLD
Up for sale is a pair of minty Claret Alpha Prime (only weeks old).     Buyer pays for actual shipping and associated Paypal fees   The price is FIRM   No trade offers please.
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