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I'm putting my Angie for sale as I'm moving away from portables for a while. They are in very good condition with original accessories and box, with both 3.5mm as well as the balanced 2.5mm.   The Angie's 8 drivers sounds phenomenal, and the cable allows bass adjustments to tune it to your setting. The red and black carbon fiber shell is extremely nice to look at too...     The price includes shipping within US, Paypal gift or fee on buyer.    -SOLD
The JBL Reflect Aware C sports in-ear-monitors are EXCELLENT for travelling or exercising as it will tune out the background ambient noise with it's active noise cancellation technology with Adaptive Noise Control.   They are USB-C plug instead of the 3.5mm, which allows it to draw the power directly from the device instead of having a big battery dongle like other Active Noise cancellation headphones, which makes it extremely portable while providing excellent...
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 Good observation, it is indeed 2.5mm balanced.
The Black Dragon v2 paired wonderfully with my Angies and made an audible difference, especially the upper mid and highs. I measured the cable to have lower impedance than the stock, which explains why the highs sounded more open with them.    -Price includes shipping within US, fee on buyer or gift. Sold
Has it gotten easier to insert from the first time, or has it been exactly the same? I ask because all the ones I've had started out feeling nice and tight, then gradually they became looser and looser. So if your has gotten easier than the first use, my experience is that it is likely that eventually will go the same way.
I think you mis-understood what I mean by loose jack. I am not talking about the whole connector coming loose, but contact pins itself where insertion is affected. So no, acrylic fix would not help for this. The 3.5mm connector itself is solidly fixed to the player.
Does anyone have a 3.5mm jack that is not loose? I have had a 2 US XDP-100, JP DP-X1, and now a US DP-X1 go loose on me after short usage. All four started out nice and tight, then after just a couple weeks started to get so lose that ANY tiny movement will cause the plug to slide out and pause the music, basically making the player unusable if not placed completely stationary, which....defeats the purpose of this PORTABLE player.   If someone does have one that never...
New Posts  All Forums: