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Up for sale is FiiO HS5, it is an official leather sleeve case for the X3 from FiiO. This case looks and feels much better than the silicone case the came with the X3, and gives you full access to all of the buttons as an official case would.   Price includes shipping   Payment: I accept Amazon Payment (Amazon's form of PayPal), so this will be a US only sale
Recently picked up the X5 so I'm posting this very much new X3 for sale. It didn't get a lot of head time as I mainly used my desktop set up when I'm at home, and didn't have it with me as much as I would have liked when I'm away from home..   Price $177 includes USPS Priority shipping (Usually 2-3 days depending on location)   $187 for X3 + HS5 shipped   Payment: I accept Amazon Payment (Amazon's form of PayPal) so it will be a US only sale. 
The intent is to thinning out the herd, so I'm only looking to sell :)
They are in excellent condition and comes with all original accessories and box :)   These are some very well sounding headphones and are definitely the most comfortable headphones that I've ever used. The sound stage is wide, especially for a closed set of headphones. In terms of versatility, Denon included 2 different cables for different usage. A shorter one that has a mic and call button for use with mobile devices, and a thicker and longer cable for home use. I...
Up for sale is an iBasso P3 in good condition. It has an upgraded configuration of AD8397 with bypass buffers.   Comes with AC adapter and a black faux leather carrying pouch   Price:$80   Payment: Due to past issues I've had with PayPal, payments will have to be made through Amazon Payment
Sold to HereComesTreble  
I had these Triplefi reshelled and realized that I'm much more into full size cans so these rarely got used, therefore they are up for sale :)   What's included:   Pair of reshelled UE Triplefi 10 Null Audio Lune Silver Cable UE IEM cleaning tool Otterbox Carrying Case     These will be $145 shipped within CONUS and I accept Amazon Payment (sorry, no Paypal)
As a portable headphone, D600 is the clear choice of the three as it is the only closed set that seals well and it is by far the most comfortable between those three. It is also much easier to drive compare to the HD650 and is more efficient than the HE-400. And for $300 I'm sure not very many here will say it is a bad purchase. For purely indoor, then it really is up to your preference and the type of music you will use them for. If you are ever temped about going with...
    It's definitely ok to voice your opinion in the forum since this is a forum after all. People do come here to read what others who have had experience say about products they do not know, or just for validation after their purchase (whether it's the lack of listening experience or just don't own the product). Taking heat for voicing your fair opinion (flaming other on the other hand is a different story, but it wasn't what you guys did) is definitely not in the spirit...
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