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hello guys. its me again, asking for a little advice from masters... i tried the DITA ANSWER and i find them great. however, is the TRUTH EDITION with the upgraded cable an upgrade to the sound quality? id like to know your INPUTS. it will help me alot if you can differentiate the difference between the two since i havent heard the TRUTH edition yet.
can we put SKINS or WALLPAPER in AK JR?
thanks sir.got it!
another QueSTION; Isnt there any wallpaper at all to change the background or the layers of its design? (like my old dx90)
found the solution...lol thanks. its auto upgrading. and wow. this thing is a beauty!
oh , i get it now... i put the songs in the folder then put it in MUSIC file. then create the playlist in the PLAYER itself then rename them in the imac again :)      i downloaded a .HEX file in the ak site... and paste it in the player's main folder.... i didnt saw it upgrade its firmware. is that normal?   did i get the right file?
...guys... do you have a LINK for the MAC update for the latest AK JR firmware and the AK 10 dac amp? i need it. and i cant seem to find it.   my AK JR is still v.1.00 and when i transfered my playlist via FOLDERS... its not there. only the songs, artist and albums exists.
omg i love my ak jr now. :)  wow.... just... WOW.
I NEED HELP: can someone here compare if the AK JR is better than the sound of an IPHONE 6? i need help FAST. im about to buy one.... :( and i dont wanna regret buying akjr just because the 6 is better     THANKS in ADVANCE...   i actually have an iphone 6. AND using ak 10 on it. so im thinking if an AK JR is an upgrade in sound and portability.
thank you very much guys
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