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The Singolo. The Doppio. The Tenore. A 3 way Review and Comparisons. Iems from Zero Audio. First off, id like to say THANK YOU for the patience and generosity of Mr. Markv Tonescientist of SONIC GADGETS for providing me units for the purpose of this review. AESTHETICS: SINGOLO. A beautiful looking pill. This one reminds me of my previous iem the ue700 by ultimate ears. All edges on its body is round and its easy to hold. The strain relief is small and a bit worrysome....
i didnt change my cables from stocked. i chose it that way. i have tried expensive ones and branded, the changes is huge that it masked away the original signature of the iem... which will be a personal preference to everyone. personally, i didnt liked it that much. so i refrain to upgrade my cable and just enjoy what the original signature is providing me.
impression pls sir :) i wanted to know if this is worth than the mojo and DFR / ADR.
no. most of my files is 320kbps mp3 only.they are read in some folders, and some folders that exceeds to the count of 150 has NO FILES in it.
im having problems right now. some files doesnt exists. the folders have NO FILES written on it.   is there a limit in the folder number allowed? or did i transferred too much files? also, i noticed that when it read my memory card, it stopped at 55%, sometimes 43% reading only. maybe its the firmware i used the new one i got from CHINESE website.   from 1.3 i returned back to 1.22 and its still the same. from 1.22 went back to 1.3 i tried restarting by pushing...
got it. thanks guys. the problem now is i have multiple folders under artists names.i wonder why there are NO FILES inside it, even when i place a single folder in the base.
can someone help me give a link for the AUNE m2s firmware 1.3? i cant find it any longer on the link given here.
Yes. I have both. They are perfect.It retains the organic signature of the sd2s
Thanks sir!
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