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Thank you my good sir.
i own the sd2s and the fitear tg334. i find they compliment each other. :) one good for sleeping and one good for serious listening. they both share the same sig - mid focused, but still they differ to each other generally. yes, the inear stagediver iems are the best iem that fits any ear :)  its like having a univeral in a custom form.
you should downgrade right now.just a piece of advise. 
QUESTION: is there a firmware that needs to be updated in my RED that i can download from AUDIOQUEST site?
yes sir.stil it wont read any card. :(i think its a bug from firmware 1.23
will try this on my sine later :) 
yEAH.it cannot be fixed unless it was forced to read the card, which it cant any more.no matter how many times i insert and reinserted the card, or format it in my imac, when i insert it, it wont load.then it will say: TF CARD FAILEDwhich makes it unusable. it started when i upgraded the firmware to 1.23 which was given to my by aune on email.
    please do try the RED plus the JITTERBUG in your set up! theres an improvement on the presentation and sq of the sound. i cant tell yet, too early to say, but i hear improvement and i liked it.   just bought it this today.
guys... i urged everyone to downgrade your firmware to 1.22 (which is available at AUNE's website) pls do not use the firmware 1.23. theres a bug in it that it will suddenly stops playing music on your card.  you will have to reinsert it back again.   then, this bug one time suddenly stops playing my music. and it didnt read my card anymore. it pops and no more card. it says TF CARD FAILED. i tried different cards, and it didnt read any cards anymore. this 1.23...
i plan to use aune m2s as source. then amp the line out by HEADSTAGE ARROW since aune m2s is having a hard time driving the sine. i would like to know if this set up can best the cipher cables ability to present great sq. :)
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