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Is this still worth its asking price now? Or are there better alternative with the sd2s? Im only interested witht the sd2s
Is this iem still worth it now at its asking price? Or there are better alternative to this?
id like to know... how's the  MIDS of this iem?
When will be the next firmware be released? Any updates from @AuneAudio
I think this is the new ibasso dzero mk3. Though i cant confirm it yet on ibasso's site thru their product line:http://ibasso.com/product.php But its good to know that they are updating this with a more sexy and appealing look!
Pls try AUDIOPHILE VOICES. Try mojo plus oriveti primacy iem
do you have a new link pls :) ?
UPDATE!!! The problem lies in the CRYSTAL cable. Its a little loose on the jack part, so its not the mojo that has a problem. It has no light because it tells me that theres no indication of connection from my coax crystal cable. Egghead (philippines) has been very helpful, specially to the owner RICO CHENG
While playing a song to my x3ii... Using coaxial crystal cable that i bought, the song just suddenly starts pausing then stops fully. Weird. Then i saw that theres no more light on the power button when it should supposed to be 3 led lights. I tried restarting my mojo but now it only shows 2 lights on the volume and theres no more sound in my iem. Pls help!
only based on what ive heard.theres a difference from the first time i listen to it and the last time i used it after its been burned in.my mentality may not be that reliable but i trust my ears. :) also, i think theres a difference in eartips used.id be happy to know what you will find out in your measurement. :)
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