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can anyone compare the mikros to the ATH-ES700? im getting either of the two. and i want to know which one is better.... can someone be so kind to offer some inputs about them?
only owned some, a p3 by bower and wilkins and grado sr325is. the grado sr325is is bright, very lively with a feeling like you are there int the stage... the p3 is one of the very hard to understand can, it needs mental burn in, and enough time to really appreciate it, muddy, bloat bass, but very thick mids (good for vocals, not for rock). well, in the monitor, i think its like you are listening in a good set of warm  yet balanced speakers... it has enough sparkle,...
wow.. it even got an editor's choice award from pcmag!,2817,2419476,00.asp
planing to get one of these after hearing/trying it last night in a store (mall). i actually want to ignore it but, i was sold to try it due to its beautiful built (leather, metal and nice thick wires).   surprised. THE SOUND IS ABSOLUTELY ONE OF THE FINEST HEADPHONES ive heard under 200 dollars. to me, they sound up there with the m50s, harman kardon cl's. that's why im buying one.   its far from being bass monster and bloated like the dre...
from memory, i can only remember the lcd2 is closest to the iem i had, the re262. its dark, a little laid back and more on mids and bass.   however, i would still prefer the fx700 due to its clarity, the v shape sig, the timbre, natural sound of instruments. what i dont like in the fx700 is the vocals, they are behind the instruments/sound.
^i dont think so sir. i think the fx700 still owns the crown for this...because of its natural timbre.
how about ibasso t5?
guys is there a comparison between the third anniversary and the   iHiFi960?
any more news regarding this dap? did anyone else aside from the reviewer who bought it? im really interested in this dap.
is this the best dap youve had sir?
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