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that is really really true! i agree!:)
thank you for the detailed impression.ive been watching for a good definition of the HEM8... i think yours is more accurately defined.
i have demoed the 846, and i find the sound to be lacking in treble... its missing some air. the bass slams is too hard for my ears. and the mids is somewhat off. :(  glad i have the earsonics velvets to compare. and i find it more balanced sounding for any genre than the 846. i thought being famous makes it a good buy... glad i have the chance to demo it first. 
i knew that the sd2/s have been years in the market already... and i was surprised on how it surpasses my ORIVETI PRIMACY!   if i were to correct the sound of the primacy, making the vocals more front, the slam is harder, and details improved... it will be the sd2/s. :) glad i sold my primacy for the sd2/s. never knew that being old iems can still reign supreme to the latest iems on the market.
i have the chance to listen to the ORIOLUS in the DMA store and in the JABEN store in MONKOK, HONGKONG. i loved its sound, i find it more of a V shape if compared to the fitear tg334. however, i dont agree that the ORIOLUS may sound better, because i find the FITEAR to be the kind of sig ill surely love anytime of the day. :) the sound of the fitear is more relaxed. more layered and more of the kind of sig im really after. :)   the ORIOLUS is good for pop and...
i just ordered my pair at jaben. now waiting time starts. :)
wow this made me want to try cable rolling!
nope. earsonic sm3 version 1 and velvets only.tried the sm64 in our meets here in the philippines. thank you for you very detailed comparison.may i know what is your favorite tuning in the VELVET?
sir, are you guys referring to the SPC cable with 8 core?
was there a limited edtiion? ANd guys if ever you are buying the iem, pls add the new cable they made. its very good. theres an improvement in sq if you use the newer cable.
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