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I'm a casual listener looking for a set of earphones that can cater to my needs. I listen mainly to metal/rock (i.e. - Metallica, Trivium, Velvet Revolver etc.), with the occasional dance/electronic (i.e. - Daft Punk, Justice)   I'm not familiar with any audio terminology so I'll try my best to describe stuff as simply as possible.   I use a Cowon D2+. I have a pair of VModa Vibes which have the level of bass impact I like, but it feels slightly unrestrained and...
I've just pre-ordered these as well, is there an exact date of when these are released? I read on the introduction page that it was within the last week of May or something, but it's be nice to know an exact date, so I can kinda estimate when they'll get here.
I'm kinda keen on a pair of these - http://www.mymemory.co.uk/In-ear-Headphones/Sennheiser/Sennheiser-CX271-In-Ear-Headphones--Red, they look fantastic, in my opinion. Great price for me as well, after some searching around on Australian sites they retail for about AUD$65-80, this site, with free international shipping it only comes around to AUD$37, which is fantastic.   The thing is I've tried to dig up reviews, but I've found absolutely nothing, I only get copious...
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