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It's really the perfect phone for me. Unlocked bootloader which means google basically wants you to root the phone. 4g lte speeds so i can tether my rooted phone to laptop and get broadband like speed on the go and way better screen than ipod. Probably the best screen on the market period huge 4.65" 1280x720 resolution and samoled. And of course like googles nexus line of phones always will have the latest android update pushed to it unlike the carrier specific androids...
well the site i had bookmarked for it isnt up anymore. but all you have to do is google remove eu volume cap on ipod and search a bit and you'll find a method. I think rovkboxing removes it as well but the ipod classic rockbox isnt 100% perfect stable.
plus its pretty easy to uncap them.
well im not buying an iphone 4s. Verizon 4G LTE is online in my city now. So that galaxy prime with 720p 4.65" sAMOLED and ice cream sandwich is the way to go for me. Plus it's a google phone like the 2 nexus lines were and the thing about the direct google phones is that google always pushes the latest android os version to them quickly, even the 2 year old nexus phones have the latest android version. All the other android phones rarely get OS updates. And I prefer the...
well there are articles all over the net stating the battery life got noticeably worse in the 4s from the 4 even though the 4s has a slightly higher mah battery. I think even apple acknowledged the issue.
How is the battery life of the 4s compared to the 4? I have heard that the battery life actually got worse not better.   128GB Supertalent drive 192.99 free shipping + no tax cheapest deal so far   240GB Renice k3vlar k3e 599.99 free shipping + no tax still cheapest deal for this...
cpu's almost always use way more energy then mass storage device. So i think saving cpu cycles will have a much bigger effect on saving energy. Especially with solid state memory
That wouldn't be very pretty. I don't think that would deserve the best looking iem award.
Actually some theaters do have special higher end speakers. Usually like 1 theater in the whole building will have it in some theaters.
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