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Yea maybe there is someone with a good heart out there who might help me... I'm sorry if my post offends you so much...
I agree that would be the most logical route but my funds are very low...
Hello, recently had a frien over my house who (long story short) stole my little bag of comply foam tips.. I now have no way to listen to my headphones! If any has some extras or can point me to someone here who can help me or even any advise please help me out! I'm on my hands and knees here begging for help! Thanks in advance to anyone who come to my aid!
What's Jazz?....... Anyway, gotta get my hands on a MONSTER one otherwise I will not be happy!
  No, neither did I, and I'm surprised and a bit shocked b y that... now I got the golds they came with an adapter... so this is kind of dumb, but oh well... I gotta buy one now...
Man just got home, and here they are the Miles Davis Tributes!!! I must say they are utterly impressive! I was impressed by the packaging! The quality is amazing, even after 25 minutes of play im very happy! I can easily say that these are the best iems that I've ever heard! Thanks for everyone who helped me with this... I will put a video up on youtube showing what came in the box.... PS did anyones come with the 1/8th adapter???
  Me neither mine come tomorrow! I'm so excited! Just too bad there aren't many unboxing videos or video review of them! I would like to see a few, but hey that's life!
HAHA,thanks so i assume the lower numbers are more desirable?
Where is the serial number located??  
Well I tried the Golds and loved them.... Then I read the Miles Davis Tribute appreciation thread, and I was sold about 1/2 through the 40 or so pages... I just want something that looks great, sounds exceptional, is comfortable, is unique, I love the fact that they're limited edition, that helps to my appeal... I have never considered "customs" nor do I really know what they are! LOL Audio n00b in the flesh!! I not real good at using like audio-type terms and stuff so I...
New Posts  All Forums: