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Hmm .
Yes, plug has got "funny angle" :) A little more than 270o or - if you want - a little less than 90o. Look at the picture (sorry it's from HTC's HD2 camera), as you can see there is a little space at right while left is ok (edges adhere to each other). Besides, I thing that there could be some issue with the sound. It's strange: when I turn fully on mach3bass at my Cowon (D2 @ D2+, 3.11fw) there is sometimes a little harsh with a deep bass bump (no matter if it is...
Hello, I also recently bought Monster Turbine Pro Copper but from an authorized Monster reseller. What was my disappointment when I opened the box (I suppose that this one was made on Monday;). This is short list: - plug is crooked, - cable clip is missing, - missing standard silicone tips, size M (there are 1xS, 2xL(M?)), - missing white hybrid tips, - missing circular tip holder. What I've got: - IEMs (that is gooood;), - cases 2x, - std silicon size 1xS,...
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