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Sent off my TF10s yesterday. Already can't wait!
Looking to save some money and buy some used TF10s. 
Thanks for all the replies. I'm actually thinking about increasing my budget and going for some entry level customs as I have had a problem getting IEMs to stay in my ears in the past and I don't want to spend money on something that I don't want to wear because they always fall out. With this in mind, would any of these suggestions be good for re-casing? Or should I just go for some Livewires/Alien Ears?
Hey everyone, I'm looking for some new IEMs around 150$ that have some nice bass for techno music. I don't want muddy sounding bass and want to still hear the mids and the highs. I listen to lots of drum and bass, house, ambient, and some rock too. So far I'm thinking about the turbines or DBA-02s. Tell me what you guys think. Thanks!
My budget for IEMs is probably like 150$. I listen to lots of drum and bass, house, and rock music. Isolation isn't really a huge deal to me, as long as I can hear the music. I've read a lot of good things about the RE0s. The only thing im concerned about when it comes to IEMs is that I have a hard time keeping them in my ears. 
I actually already have an iPhone. The reason I don't use it for music is that its only the 8gb model and for some reason the jack on my M50s doesn't fit into it all the way. I'm also not restricted to microsoft or apple, I have a windows desktop and a macbook so actually another brand would be nice to keep everything playing well together. What about some good IEMs?
Hey everyone, I'm getting some graduation money and I need a new rig for walking around campus next year. I already have a pair of Audio Technia M50s but kind of want something more portable. I listen to lot's of drum and base, house, and rock. I have been looking at the Zune HD and the iPod classic. My budget is around 300$. Any suggestions are greatly appreciated!
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