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  If Cowon makes a copy Apple will surely sue them.     
How warm?  Depends on the song I'm playing...    Back on topic though, my Cowon D3 gets VERY warm doing almost anything else but playing music.  Every other device I have beside my 4th gen iPod Touch hasn't gotten warm enough for me to notice. The Touch will warm up when playing difficult games.   4D
I've got the square clip-on touchpad ipod and although it's a novel design I find it's watch/touchpad features get boring after the original thrill.  Mine now serves as an untouched music storage device for my car's head unit.
From Sandisk's online user manual for the Fuze+:   2.6. Product Capacities & Playback The Sansa Fuze+ comes in 3 different capacities: 4 GB, 8 GB, and 16 GB. The Fuze+ also has a microSDHC card slot* for expanding your storage possibilities, enabling up to approximately 40 GB of total data storage capacity (including the storage built into the device, e.g., 8 GB capacity can take up to a 32 GB microSDHC card) which is approximately equal to 10,000...
Android 2.3 comes with it's own UI.  Cowon mainly made a skin for it.  As far as I know it wouldn't take much to recompile their skin code for 2.3, then add it to the update.
When the Archos Gen8 device were upgraded to 2.2 from 2.1 it made an amazing difference in response time and reaction of the UI. Should do the same if the D3 is update to 2.3 over 2.1, as 2.2 and higher were compiled much more efficiently than 2.1.
For what it is worth, another update came out for the Gen8 Archos devices on the 13th.  2.3.20.    Link
Not that I could find, and I went through the features as carefully as I could.   Fuze+ Review.   4D
I think it is a great value for what it can do at its price point.  Just make sure it is updated to the latest firmware.   My review of it:  Archos 32
On Anythingbutipod.com there is a member who has direct/nearly direct contact with a few Korean makers. He posted a link to a Journaldegeek post on a 2.3 update for the D3.  The post was eventually edited to remove the mention of 2.3, but in talking to the author it was because Cowon couldn't guarantee an April release but a 2.3 release WOULD BE coming eventually.   4D    
New Posts  All Forums: