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Cowon couldn't promise April for an Android update, but now it is May.  Anyone want to guess what day this month we might see android 2.3?
Touch screen or mechanical controls? Size of screen preferred? Codec support more than MP3s? Video or Photo playback? WiFi, Bluetooth, FM Radio, GPS?   Just a few of what comes with PMPs these days.
No review, including mine, claims the D3 is the perfect device.  I'll take another look after the next firmware update, and if anything significant changes I'll write anothre review.
My favorite running companion is my dog, and she sings better than many MP3 players I've listened to.   If you don't need a live companion, then I'll also recommend the Sansa Clip+.
ebooks?  You'll need a player running android or iOS. Personally the ARCHOS 43 (4.3" high res screen) is high on my list for an android device.  For iOS your only choice is the iPod Touch (3.5" high res screen). $299 (or a little less) will get you one with 32gb of memory, as well as far more features than you've mentioned. $219 will get you a 16gb 43 with a microSD expansion slot.  Both allow downloading Kindle/Nook and similar apps, and the Touch has an iBooks app.
Quote: Not too bad, but my chest isn't flat.  Too bad the iPad isn't curved I guess.  I've got a degree in product design, but can't imagine a good way to carry the iPad with me except in a satchel or briefcase. One more thing to lose track of.  If it had an easy way to connect a camera strap to it I could carry it under an arm.      
I picked up iPad 2s for both my wife and I.  She's having a hard time finding time in her life for hers.  Already frustrated that WIFi hasn't been available everywhere she travels, although doesn't think paying for 3G access would have been worth it. I have WiFi at home and work, but can't find an easy way to take it with me so it has stayed at home.  Someone should make a manly iPad backpack/strap that is easy to  access while wearing. Quiver-like, perhaps.    
Sounds good.  No EQ.  Android 2.2 today.    I reviewed the GPS version before todays update. Not much has changed, except they added an Audible app and two more home pages. Still surprises me how good it sounds.   Review Update   Anyone with questions about it feel free to ask here or on leave a comment on my blog.   4D
Cowon still suprises me now and then. Nothing like a throwback to 3 years ago to keep customers happy. If Apple had done this the whole thing would be no thicker than the metal backplate. The screen would be capacative multitouch and and with twice the resolution in both dimensions. Smaller than the Touch it would sell for $149/8gb and $179/16gb, but there wouldn't be a microSD slot at all.   Oh wait, Apple already did that.  It's their current Nano you can wear as a...
If my college students are any measure of the demand for music players then the industry in general doesn't have to worry. 50% of the time I've needed to talk to a student this semester I've had to tap them on the shoulder to get their attention and take at least one earbud out of an ear. That is up from about 30% last semester. Yes, a few are listening to media on their phones. Many have an iPod Touch in their pocket. 50% or so still carry some form of WiFi-less MP3...
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