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S9 and J3 are great players.  They don't have WiFi though. S9 doesn't have MicroSD slot.   Other Wifi enabled players include the Archos gen8 line.  From 2.8 inch screens to 10.1.  My favorite is the Archos 43it.  Here is my review of the 32it.  Great codec support.  Android 2.2. Hackable for the Android market/Google apps, and you can add the Amazon app store easily.  Already includes Appslib market.
List your top two choices and we'll help you narrow that liist down.   Right now the potential list is at least 60 long, and that's only the ones I own and could give you  an informed answer about.
Easiest one to balance is the Cowon S9.  Resting on a flat level table with screen facing up,  the point it touches the table is right below the center of gravity (X). Measure half way between the left and right sided to find (Y).  Now all you have to find is (Z).   Works with anything that has a curved back.   Yes, I know you want balanced output.  Couldn't resist balancing an entire device though.  
You may want to reconsider Creative.  Their Zen Touch-2 8gb android device is $140, and does everything you want except EQ. Sounds great out of the box though. There are plenty of android apps for internet streams available.   The lack of EQ bothers me too, but as I said it sounds pretty good without one.  There is always the chance they'll add that feature in an update since their earlier ZEN players have them.    My review of the version with GPS and FM radio:...
After the P3 came an M1, as well as a confusing set of R models.  Not all were released to worldwide markets. Their MP3 player group was merged into their phone group after the P3, and so thats why most of their products are phone-ish.   The M1 was a nice bit of kit, and included a microSD card. Sort of Samsungs answer to the Cowon J3.
Have a look at the Archos 32it if you want light weight.  - It has WiFi. - It plays FLAC and WAV - Easy as any other android device to use. - Lightest you'll find for the features included. - No amp needed to drive any of my headphones, but has possible line-out over optional A/V cable it supports.
It surprised me to find the D3 didn't come with a camera for its price.  They charge enough for one to have been included.  
Long haul, eh?  I used to be able to haul up to 10ft with my Nissan pickup's 5' bed. Of course I also had to have a heavy friend sit on the inboard end to keep the load in the bed.   As for travelling with an iPad2 I haven't had the opportunity yet. My wife has though, and found it frustrating whenever she needed to use airport WIFI access. Not exactly sure why as I was never with her.
Samsung's earlier media players can act like a phone using bluetooth.  If the D3 could do the same then it would be a phone so long as your real phone was within bluetooth range. And of course with the right programs (Fring) and WIFI access it wouldn't need that capability.  
A phone chip wouldn't have changed the appearance one bit. There is already a mic and speaker right where they need to to be act as a phone.   Still looking forward to an update this month.  Love to see if android 2.2 or later can help the D3.   4D
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