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Just to point out, this is a BETA release, and initially installs in Korean.  I had to dig around to find the language setting and get English menus and icons.   Much quicker, plays Angry birds with no graphic flaws, email doesn't seem to work, no gapless yet, sounds great still.
  Before Firmware upgrade please back up all data. After a firmware upgrade, the existing data is deleted. To upgrade without saving the result in the loss of data, the manufacturer, shall not be held responsible. D3 MicroSD cards that are included in the remove then please proceed. During a firmware upgrade, be sure to keep the power adapter connection. Firmware upgrade is complete, never before do not power...
I've got the Asus Transformer with 3.1 on it, but not the dock (yet).  There is no USB port on the tablet itself. I've also have the Acer Iconia tablet, and it is supposed to get 3.1 sometime this month. It has one regular USB port on the side.  I'd be happy to test for DAC compatibility, but I'll need someone to point me to a reasonable DAC to get.
  Other than the C2 not being an Android player, you might be right.  I'll eventually review one too.    
I've been watch for updates every day, and so far Cowon has updated the C2 but nothing yet for the D3.
I'm on the fence about the two.  I have both.  The D3 is expecting a major firmware update soon, and after that I intend on doing a facedown between the two.  There are shortcomings I'm blaming on Android 2.1 that may go away with the update.  Until then the 4th gen Touch with its cameras is a better combination of hardware and software.
The 43's screen got bad reviews for it's screen, but only because the specs said "resistive", and the first fimware was android 2.1.  It now runs android 2.2, and has an easy hack to get the whole android market/google apps. The screen is just as reactive as that on my iPod Touch, but it requires a real tap instead of living skin touching it. I find a tap with my fingernail works great.   I have one, and it has replaced my iPod Touch as the preferred device I carry with...
Archos 43it. Resistive screen, but one of the best out there. Everything else is goodness.
Can't report on Spotify, but I see no reason it wouldn 't run if it's an android app that runs on android 2.2. So far any other app I've installed works fine, although with the screen some aren't worth trying.  No multitouch is my biggest gripe right now.
Mine aren't a reference set of ears anymore, but it holds its own so long as great headphones are used.  Keep your receipt just in case.    
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