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The D3  is certainly not a bad first effort for an Android device from Cowon. Seems like everyone's first trys were similarly weak.  What has happened that makes the D3 seem worse than it should is time. I got my D3 in january, and since then the world has moved to faster multi-core processors, increased hardware features (cameras and such), and so on. My HTC Evo 3D just arrived, and although a phone is a world better all-around than the D3. I appreciate Cowon's D3...
One thing that arrived after the D3 came out is Amazon's AppStore. Easy enough to add to the D3, after which the missing Google apps/market no longer are the aggravation they used to be. The stock music app doesn't do gapless, but there are Rockbox builds for android floating around that does. I'm a big fan of Google's Music Beta, and so long as it is free I'm loving it on my D3. Nice playlist options, and every songs I own available with none actually copied to the D3....
Today on the Korean site they've posted 1.53, their 2.3.3 gingerbread final I presume.  I expect updates for the rest of the world within a week.   4D    
Yes, I put the Korean 2.3.3 (beta!) update on it.  Not ready for prime time yet. Yes, the more graphics-intensive games are a challenge for it, but they do run. Audio quality is great (to my ears) but with no gapless playback I'd suggest the J3 right now, or even the new C2 for simple audio enjoyment.    
The J3 lasts far longer on a charge. The J3 does gapless natively. D3 doesn't yet.   They both play the same media.  Video and photos look better and larger on the D3. The D3 is android 2.3, and hopefully a good example of it when the final (non-beta) firmware comes out.  You get apps and email and a browser, and when they work the D3 becomes a much more entertaining device. They don't all work yet though. Wait until this next firmware comes out, and see how we...
  The clip isn't what you'll want if you want an easy way to select from a large collection.  And if your files are all FLAC then not may know how to read ID3 info from FLAC files. the Cowon J3 is a bit hard to grasp at first since hitting the Music app doesn't take you to your files, but rather the now playing screen.  A big touchscreen is the easiest way to sort through a large selection though.       
So you had no idea how big it was going to be when you ordered it?    Anyway, there is the Archos 43 (4.3" screen), and a couple of Cowon HD players with large screens.
Samsung's 10.1 tablet looks like a shot right at the iPad2.  Thickness is identical according to specs on both sites. The Samsung is a little lighter. The samsung has a slightly larger battery.  Can't see any evidence that they tried to one-up the iPad with USB ports or SD slots.  The rear camera is only 3mp where Asus and Acer have 5mp cameras on their tablets. But 3mp is better than the iPad's camera. Far better codec support on the Samsung I noticed. And whatever they...
While it "should" work with your macbook, the most frequent crises I hear about with non-apple devices almost always come after "I plugged it into my mac...".  Proceed at your own risk, and be sure to safely eject it (whatever that is called on a mac) before unplugging it.
Suck is maybe too strong a word.  I understand your sentiment though, Ach.   Audio playback is outstanding, and with the rockbox app you get gapless.  While they still have some room to improve yet, this update is a significant step.  The Beta release was on the Korean version, and that suggests we'll see most of the remaining complaints resolved when they release their U.S. final version of android 2.3.
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