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I've just ordered the Sflo:2.   4-14 days yet.  When I get it and have played with it a week or so I'll put up a comparison/review on my blog. I also own the latest Cowon, Sony, Samsung, etc., players.   I have a simple way of listening to players side-by-side, and a friend with great ears who lets me do blind A or B testing with him when I need it.   4D   I've bought and reveiwed 30 or so other players, from very cheap to very expensive. Have a look around.  Enjoy.  Leave any comments you'd like. The main page is simply   4D
Cowon J3: 29 mW/channel. P3: 20 mW/channel.
I almost hate to say it, but if your campus has WiFi everywhere then consider the iPod Touch.  Why? It'll play your music, but also let you use it for 50,000 other things. Check your school email. Check the weather before you head to school. Download a few games for those boring lectures. Majoring in architecture?  If so, download an angle finder app. I'm almost ready to require students to have one for my Furniture Design classes. Compound mitre angles?  There's an App...
The S9 won't even show AAC files in the browser.  The J3 shows AAC and M4A  and plays them both. Cover art doesn't show up though. I found this out by testing rather than looking at specs.   4D
You'll love the J3.  Read the manual though. The settings, mainly for video, are cryptic icons that you'll need a decoder sheet to figure out the first time.    More and more stores are carrying the J3 too. Newegg, amazon, Jetmall, etc..   4D
The S9 is my choice, unless you want to throw the J3 in there.  The J3 is just a little better in most aspects than my S9 is. The X series Sonys are fine and sound great, but limited codec support compared to the Cowons leaves my X1051 on the shelf.   4D  
I've got the X1051 as well as most of the other touchscreen players. The X sounds great.  I love it's Wifi podcast updating, Slacker, etc.   Using the same (good) headphones and the same music files it doesn't sound any better to my old ears than the Sony S545 or Cowon S9/J3/i9/Samsung P2/P3, etc. What constantly nags me about the X is it's price. Simply too expensive compared to the competition.    4D
I've had the J3 for awhile.  I ordered it from  My review with photos can be found on my blog.  Overall I think it's the best thing Cowon is making at the moment.  I've got a Samsung M1 coming soon and will do a feature-to-feature comparison between them.  Anyone with questions feel free to ask.  This is my first Head-Fi post.   4D 
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