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Quote: PowerAmp works.  I uninstalled it though as I prefer Google's Music Beta app.    
You can side load just a about any app onto the D3. I don't use either Spotify or Slacker to bother though. You can also easily add the Amazon AppStore app to the D3.
Not sure why the C2's UI is considered horrible.  I just got mine, and although it is different than the J3, I appreciate that it has its own original take on interaction. You get two choices of icons, and the second is nearly identical to those used on the J3. I remember when I got my J3, and had to spend time figuring its UI out as well.  Dig a little in the C2's apps and you'll discover all the same features.  Get past a little figuring out and you have a device that...
If all a person wants is a Music player, then the C2 is a better value than the J3 yet with all the J3's benefits. 
I many industries "X" models are considered eXperimental.  As Sony's first Touchscreen model it seems reasonable that it might be the only one they make with an X designation. If the new A is Touchscreen with most of the X1000's features, then IT is an offspring from the X.
  I don't see why Pleco wouldn't work, but I won't be putting it on my D3.    I'm also interested to see if Cowon can do better their second time around with Android. A D4 running IceCreamSandwich on a dual (or quad) core processor should be worth their typical asking price by Christmas time.    
Quote: If you give the D3 a minute or two to completely boot up and check all the storage for changes, then kill all the apps that tend to load on their own upon startup, the UI is fine and reactive.  The J3 is a simpler device without WiFi or apps etc.. Cowon added shortcuts to WiFi, BlueTooth, RAM, and a Sleep icon in the pull-down notifications. Tapping RAM kills all running apps, and is a great way to get the D3 zippy.  The switch from Apps to Home is instant with a...
Firmware 2.53, 3.53, and 4.53  (Gingerbread 2.3.3) all now available from Cowon's download site.   Here.   Improved touch response Improved stabilization Support Plug-in codec Added to search media files in search Widget Added System control button on the status bar Music Player Calendar Comix Contacts Added App Android Gingerbread version...
I agree, although one of the luxury experiences that Cowon's players brought along was gapless playback. Yet they haven't cracked that capability on their D3 yet, even though the RockBox app proves it can be done. I think I could forgive them every other sin if the U.S. Gingerbread update had gapless playback from their stock music app.    
Quote: Of course.  The problem is that the D3 was an attempt to move up from simply playing music to actually offering people many of the features android phones have that are drawing them away from simple media players.    
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