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Hmmm.  Now of only the Z1000 would show up in the U.S..  IMO it looks like what Sony should have released instead of the X1000 a year ago.  Speaking of model names, did I miss the Y1000?
The Samsung 4.0 and 5.0 wifi PMPs are available now, and I'm pretty impressed. I have both.  The 4.0 has been reviewed with photos.  Still working on my review of the 5.0. Only a few minor differences and functionality is nearly the same.   Samsung Galaxy Player 4.0 Review. (with photos)   Far more refined than Cowon's D3. Comes with the Google Market as well as Samsung's app store app. Mine have android 2.3.5 on them. The 4.0 has a better screen, but the 5.0's...
Quote: If the price for the 5.0 drops below $200 EVERYONE should get one. The $199 iPod Touch pales in comparison.    
Far to many to find, much less count. Many duplicates.  A slew of proprietary.  Delighted that the microUSB/MHL standard is starting to show up frequently. At one time a made a wall rack with slots I could hang them each from.  My collection outgrew that rack in a flash.  Noticed my Sony S tablet didn't even include a USB cable. Yes, I already had (several) that would work with it.
  I'll have to rank the the built-in speakers the best I've heard on any of the media players I've tested.   No deep bass of course, but there is a nice stereo effect (depending on the music and relative position of the player to the listener. My ears are old and abused though, so trust your own not mine.    
I'm thinking Amazon or BestBuy will put these players on sale a few times.  There appears to be plenty of markup on them.  Very full featured though.  They come with decent IEMs, and mine sound very good.
With 7" 16gb tablets now at $299, it is very hard to rationalize paying $365 for the Z1000.  I'll be skipping that one.  As for Samsung's offerings my review of the 4.0 is up, and I'm testing the 5.0 now.  That extra inch of screen pushes the 5.0 into the tablet zone.  A thin improvement over my ancient Archos 5.
I have the 4.0.  Nice player.  Sounds great.   Very complete music app.  No Gapless.  No L/R balance. Although the specs don't list it, it will play FLAC and M4A along with the usual WMA, MP3, OGG, AAC. 
With Apple's move to iCloud, any device left should be updated to include Wifi.  I can see them adding Wifi to the Classic, but then renaming it to something new. The Nano could also get Wifi.  Both would gain access to the iTunes store but not the App Store. With no screen the Shuffle can't keep up. With the existing 64gb and potentially new 128gb Touch upcoming does anyone need a Classic?
Not sure if any of the Honeycomb tablets can send audio out their USB ports. I have several tablets but no USB speakers or I'd try it for you. They generally work well with Mice and Keyboards and game controllers.   For some reason all the assorted speakers I have use the headphone out or bluetooth as their audio source. Point me to some great USB speakers I can order via Prime and I may give them a try.
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