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Year of the Zs.   Sony has an Android based Z series player out now too. Already had a Z from Creative labs.   Problem I see is "what comes next?".   Do we start over with double letters?  AA perhaps.  Perhaps by then we'll be back to AA sized batteries you can replace.  Lithium cells of course.
I'm expecting anyong still using WinCE  to start using Phone7 or Win8 on their tablet/PMP devices in 2012.   Why?  Microsoft will want some of that pie, and make it dirt cheap for those manufacturers.  
Hopefully Cowon has read every critical review of the D3 and made sure they don't make those same mistakes with the Z2. It should have Google apps and Market, a dual-core (or quad-core!)  1.5Ghz processor, 1gig of RAM, come in 16gb, 32gb, and 64gb versions, and have an 8gb camera on the back just for kicks. 
Couldn't tell you if the 4.0 and 5.0 have different parts than the Galaxy S phone. Why?  I don't have a Galaxy S phone.   ifixit's site may eventually have breakdowns of both devices if it doesn't already.
I'm pretty impressed by the audio output of my new Kindle Fire.  No idea what DAC they used inside, but given they are selling it as a media consumption device with access to their Amazon's MP3 store it may have a better-than-usual set of pipes. Music output from the speakers is even better than most of my other tablets..
Where can you buy the Huawei MediaPad?  I'd pick one up to review if I could find one.
No shorter name, sorry.  Someone on another forum mentioned he found a 1400mAh replacement but that it didn't do any better than the stock battery.  Seems as though a battery would have to get larger to last longer, but this one fits tight in the space provided for it. Can't personally see doing much better by changing out the battery.  A spare to take with you (since they can be swapped out easily) does sound like a great idea though.  
Sure. Samsung EB494353VA 1200 mAh On the 4.0 you have to pop off the back to install/replace the battery and the microSD card. The 5.0's back isn't intended to come off, and the microSD slot is under a swing open door on the top edge.     
I've got both the 4.0 and the 5.0.  Reviewed the 4.0.  The 5.0 is essentially the same but larger.  Great devices.  Sound is excellent. They come with IEMs that include a microphone on the cable.  The few things Samsung added to the UI are useful and practical.  Other than that they are pretty much phones without the cell connection and monthly fee.  I'm liking the 5.0 better as it has a larger battery for more time between charges. Good prices for both at
I have a home-made A-B switch box that I'll use when someone asks "which sounds better?". Two inputs, one headphone output. I usually start the same few songs (same files) playing on both at the same time, then switch back and forth as they play. No, I don't use any efffects or EQ settings.  Mud is mud, no matter how you paint it. If a player starts out sounding sucky when "flat" then all the enhancing or EQing do is enhance sucky.  JMHO    
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