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Thanks for the offer, but I think I will hold on to them for now and play with equalizers until it sounds right. Anyway because of the custom fit I would also have to sell you my ears and I use those all the time  
I think I see what you mean about the highs. I think the 5's are also a bit louder as I tried doing a test to see how they sounded different by using a splitter with an 18 in one ear and a 5 in the other then switched and I could always hear the 5's more.
Thanks.   I don't really have any decent home equipment, just a cheap stereo and a computer with on-board sound.   I think they fit correctly, I used the sensaphonics seal test and heard the high tone clearly and the low tone I half heard half felt and they sure do block out sound. Just tested and I don't hear a difference when I push on them.  It could very well be that there is no problem, but I need to get used to a different sound then my super fi 5 pro's.   I have...
Should this be posted in the Amp section?
I have had ue super fi 5 pro's for years and love them. I just recently got a pair of ue18's and it seems like something is missing. They are a very comfortable fit but the sound just isn't as "fun" as my super fi 5's. I started re-ripping my music into FLAC and have noticed an improvement, but they still aren't what I had hoped. Is it possible I need a head phone amp? I thought they just make it louder, I don't need that. I want "fuller" music (whatever that...
I know this will vary depending on brand and usage, but what is the life expectancy for custom IEMs used lightly by an audiophile. I am getting UE's as my first custom and am wondering what to expect. Anyone have any horror stories or praise for any brands out there?
Anyone know of a good source for audiologists other than the UE website?
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