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I am using the core of the long stock comply foam tips with  the large ortos tip placed on the bottom of the core and the small ortos tip placed on the top to form a duel flange tip
The SE530 is a nice iem but i think the SM3 is nicer sounding and can recommend it  ,with its larger soundstage ,great bass ,superb treble and No Sibilance 
@ search  yep these are the tips for me and i will not be taking them of my SM3 ,drums  & bass as well as everything else sounds so right with these tips and i still don't want to take the SM3 out of my ears and put in any of my other iem's except for that SE420 perhaps ,can never pass up the chance to hear that particular phone
sounds like a bit of interesting head phone sugary  
@ericp ,hello ericp buddy ,sounds like your still injoying those ddms, have they over taken your fx700 to win first place on your list yet ?  i love the bass on my Sm3 now that i have made a duel flange from the orto tips , playing Nazareth ,led zeppelin or deep purple is fantastic with the bass & drums these things can put out
@search ,hello frank, well i would spell it as gray but actually my cats are by pedigree British blues, hope your not to confused !
i can recomend the earsonic's SM3 ,great phone
i recomend klipsch custom 3
that sounds intresting !
@search , hello frank ,well i would spell it as gray although my cats are actually pedigree  british blue cats hope that does not confuse you too much  
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