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TF10 or custom 3 would be a good choice in that price range
@search , love that last comment about you not being wrong search 
@ rawrster, yes you are right rawrster buddy ,it was user error i admit it , im no david bailey thats for sure  and i was in a hurry to get them SM3 back in my ears and sit down  after a long hot day at work with back ache so i was not in the best frame off mid to play around with a camera 
Maybe these picture's are a little better 
the SM3 treble is not as laid back as the ortos ,it is has a greater presence and is brighter with more sparkle than the ortos using most tips except for maybe the stock comply and monster triple flange in my humble opinion
i think the ortos are one of the most elegant looking iems out there
I agree with kunlun on that point. 
@koonhua90, yes you spotted the monster pro box ,lol, was trying to get a darker background,sorry for blurry photos ,the flash on the camera catches on the clear orto tips 
@mvw2 ,yes that's true , klipsch custom 3 springs to mind , great bang for your bucks at around $130 these days i believe 
sounds like a drag however the TF10 is a very good phone and work really well with monster triple flange tips 
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