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@408mike , nice impressions and thoughts ,good to hear you are enjoying the golds 
Get some of the monster triple flange tips for the TF10 ,they give a secure fit and great isolation and make the TF10 sound so much better than any other tip i have tried on them 
Well Joe , to my ears the SM3 has infinitely more space and width than the eq7 or pretty much any other iem i have .I know that if i go back to the ortos now with there rather forward ,in your face midrange  i will perceive them as having a rather small intimate soundstage compared to the SM3  
Not even for a few days !
@dfkt , Wow how did you know what camera i have ? ,ill give it a try thanks
@ mark 2410 , are those the stock denon tips mark ? they look a lot like the orto tips
I recommend the custom 3 , it is one of the best phones out there for under $150 ,it used to be a lot more when it first came out and was a superb phone even at is original mrrp. 
Well no, they are not going to change over time ,the shure's bass and treble can not really match the TF10.and the TF10 can not match the shure midrange, if you want all the best bits from both of these two phones id say go get the SM3  with a larger soundstage than either of these two 
@clieO , GREAT REVIEW THANKS  love all the pictures ,thanks for thaking the time to put it all together 
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