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@ rawrster, he he , how can you say the SE420 is not the best iem out there , i thought you told me once that you had never heard them , You can thank your lucky stars that you have not heard them though ,if you had you would be tossing those ck10s in the recycle bin and be on here telling everyone how good they really are like the few off us that already have this knowledge .  lol 
how much ransom was you willing to pay for my safe return soozie?  
  well my orto duel flange tips isolate very well indeed even with no music playing, as for working with the ortos, well they would not for me as they go deep in the ear so the ortos themselves would be hanging out my ears completely 
@soozie & daeo , it is me the original lucozade, my computer logged me off my account and i  can not remember the password and the reset link sent to my email dose not work so i had to reinvent myself untill admin decides to answer my requests for help if they ever do 
@search ,thanks for fixing it frank ,thats what i ment to say, how did you change it anyway ?
@ average Joe ,i did eq them the first day i had them to give them more bass if you remember but since i found the right combination of opamps for my heron amp to compliment them and bring out there musical quality's and with my orto double flange tip mod i have plenty of punchy bass, No i do not eq them any more ,no need to they sound fantastic as they are.   I can not really say why people hear them differently Joe ,but i am fortunate that i still have all my...
  Thanks for that information koonhua90 , sounds like an interesting phone 
The SM3 works very well with my heron p3+ which has rollable opamps and buffers so there are many combinations to try out.    
@ ericp ,hello ericp buddy ,i noticed you saying that the fx700 driver is made of wood ,is that correct ?i new the housing was made of wood but did not realize the driver was as well just wondering 
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