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great review thanks
Nice review thanks, i like the sound of the sunlight changing the colour of these   
i wear my iem's over my  ears and under my chin like you do
Interesting impressions thanks
lol ericp buddy , i think you ment to say ,at that price get anything else and you will be happier
@kunlun, how you doing kunlun,still enjoying your coppers? 
@joker , nice review thanks ,its a shame we never get to see a lot of these iem's for sell over here in england .
The ie8 will isolate very well if you get monster triple flange tips or the fake monster triple flange tips 
WHAT No one interested in the SE 420 , if you get these you can be sure your next phone will be an upgrade lol
@search , good news that your SM3have arrived frank, I'm looking forward to your Not so humble opinions , don't be too disappointed if they do not sound as good as your old set of SE420 though ,and remember i did warn you they would never match the SE420 SONIC SOUND SIGNATURE 
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