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Great! This is what I was fearing. My wallet is worried now. 
That's great! I have always enjoyed reading your reviews, I seem to look for the same things you look for in an IEM, so eagerly waiting for your review. Bought M1 and PL50 reading your reviews and I wasn't disappointed at all. 
Thanks a lot Clieos for the review and replying to my pms. Ordered two jds labs cmoy, one for me and one for my friend. Eagerly waiting for it.
@Clieos Thanks for the reply. I would consider RE262 an upgrade to RE1 then.  
^What about the highs? Compared to RE0/RE252 ? I hope it's not similar to RE1. 
You could buy DBA-02 from here.
Did you select "Europe" as your region? That will set the volume to low. If you don't have Volume setting in settings(which should be set to high, if it's there) changing you region should fix it.
please check pm
You could use usb too. Coaxial is another option.
Ah that's EW9, missed 's' . Thanks for correcting.
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