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I just took these apart to remove hairs from the diaphragm. Don't worry about the silicon. When I first took these headphones apart it looked like the driver was sealed in or glued. The second time, when the bass had got really bad, I just cut them open. It actually looks like it's just a precautionary method for keeping the drivers in place. There are also plastic clips that work just fine. Just remove the silicon altogether.   Upon opening I noticed SO many...
Another update. Well, they've died. Sort of. Right channel suddenly dropped to ~70% of its counterpart, so they're as good as dead. Got 2 years out of them.
  Update to my update post.. :)   They still work. Still sound good. I use them at work, when working out, walking the dog, in the shower during a drunken haze and for noise isolation (which is what I'm using them for right now. Damn neighbours.) The left earpiece sometimes slips out a little bit due to sweat, but I'm still happy.   That said - I don't use them all the time. That would be silly. When I really want to *enjoy* music I use other headphones.
Small update to my previous post.   I accidentally spilt some Pepsi on them, well, actually I pretty much soaked them in it because they were laying on the table exactly where I dropped the glass. I then ran them under a tap. They still work, so they definitely are water resistant if anyone's wondering.
I purchased these after reading this thread, and Jaawa's review.   I was only looking for decent headphones to wear while working out, but I must say.. I was VERY pleasantly surprised when I put them on for the first time.   I don't have a lot of experience with in-ear headphones though, so for all I know, there might be better ones out there. I already had Sennheiser 280 pro for when i need noise isolating, but I think I already prefer these ones, at 1/3rd the...
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