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i3-2100, MSI H61M-E33, 8DG ADATA DDR3 1600 $30 paypal plus shipping CONUS SOLD
I'm guessing the tubes are hidden under that blue thing
The Woo Audio WA7 Fireflies is claimed to support the lot; from IEMs to orthos, that is, assuming you're willing to shell out a grand
The Audio Technica ath-m50 is likely what you're looking for, possibly with a cheap DAC, like the Fiio e10 later on. As for a mic, the zalman clip mic works, but personally I'm waiting for the new Antlion modmic 2.0 Edit: if you're keeping your Razer headset, you could just place it on your desk and use the attached mic with your new headphones
So aux port means detachable cable?
~$150 Headset with a good mic or headphones with a good desk mic I'm looking for a circumaural, open or closed I'm not entirely sure Currently looking at the sennheiser pc350, how does the playback compare to other headphones, how does the playback compare to other headsets? How does the mic compare to other headsets, how does the mic compare to desk mics like the blue snowball? Is the pc360 worth the step up in price? Is the pleather itchy? Is the cable nice? Should sound...
I, personally would get the grados thenAgain, grado headphones in general are not neutral
You really need to decide if this purchase is for at home or on the go I've owned both of the products you're looking at at the same time, and while I can say the grados sound "better" I can also say I'd take the re0s every time if I'm going to leave the house Also if you're looking for neutral sound the re0s do better in that regard, grados are not neutral
Premium hifi headphones are capable of producing sounds more accurately to the source material, this requires more precise parts, which raises the priceThe problem here (not hating on your taste in music, I listen to a bit of dubstep myself) is that the music you listen to generally doesn't have nearly as much information for the headphone to put out, whether it be the quality of the recording, the compression, or something elseYou may want to visit a place that sells hifi...
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