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Looks like you tried to turn it into a Dragonfly.
How do you wear your Westones?   Quote:
East Bay, easy:   Just see a genius at your local Apple store.  Nothing could be easier.
Quote: In every way _ What part of durability and Warranty does this not include? Quote:
RE0 One speaker, no crossover, high Impedance, low sensitivity.  Not in the same class with real stage monitors.
UM3x Yeah, like durability, and warranty. FOTM
Well thanks everyone.  As a result of your advice.  I have been told that a Headphone amp with MacIntosh type sound is around the corner.  So soon I shall find out if earplugs can do it.  Originally I was using the headphone out on the computer as a source. Computer> Headphones To try added amplification I tried: Computer> analog> receiver> earphone This was not much different.  So I moved the DAC conversion away from the computer, ahead to the...
Quote:  8xOverMsOctober   My IEMs aren't over the ear style, but I do the same thing for active use with them because of microphonics. I've tried using them behind the neck, but it just doesn't feel right to me.
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