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Just got a Fuze a couple days ago. Have it coupled with my FiiO E7, and using MEElectronics M6's. Sounds excellent.
Never tried the CX-500's, but have never liked the CX-300's.
I have the Brainwavz M1's, M2's, and the MEElectronics M6, all very good, imho. Like ljokerl said, all in what sound you're looking for.
Yeah, I screwed up trying to edit the first photo of I posted. I hit edit, then did a fix, but when I hit submit, it created a new post. I didn't notice it the first time.   The E7 is a decent little amp. I'm enjoying it. You can also use it as a DAC to listen to music through your computer, via USB. I won it, so it sounds excellent for the price, lol. All kidding aside though, it's not a bad little amp. Just a matter of finding the right combo really. They sound...
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