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Thanks HSN, appreciated.
Rockboxed my Fuze last night:  
I'd like to hear some impressions myself.
I also took these today. Sorry, I was bored today, lol:  
But he said he didn't want to stick anything to the back of the phone or amp.
Nah, sun was out, I was bored, so I took some of my gear outside and placed it on my canoe, lol.  
Nice, but it looks a bit thick to me. I think it would look better in black, perhaps with silver/brushed aluminum trim, to match the E7 more. I also think the knob is too big.   EDIT: Oops, I guess it is in black:
I have both, and I think the E7 sounds better. When I use my E5, it adds a slight veiling to the sound, imo. There's also 3 levels of bass boost on the E7. I won the E7, but I think it's worth the money. That's one thing I like about FiiO. Perhaps they don't make the best stuff on the planet, but it's good, and they don't try to rob you price wise.
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