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Hell of a deal. The Fuze is awesome. Mine is a refurb also. No problems at all, and with RB installed, it's a hell of a combination.
I have my Clip+ ROCKboxed, and I have the M2's. They go well together. With all the settings in RB, you can probably adjust to find the sound you're looking for. I just don't have the gumstick to compare it to.   BTW, the Brainwavz M3's are coming out as well:
Installed the "Cabbie 3.0 in blue Theme" on my Fuze V2. It goes well with the blue wheel, as intended:  
Nothing fancy, just a size comparison:      
I like it. It has a warm, bassy sound to it. I almost exclusively use my Brainwavz M1's with it. I just like the sound from that combination. It's a well built unit, nice size, nice weight. EQ works very well. Doesn't support album art, but you can do folder art. eBay had a run on them for a time. I actually ended up buying 6 units. I kept 2, an SP, and an SL model. I think the most I paid was $41 for the SP's, and only $31 for the SL's. Was a hell of a good deal.
I second the motion. Great sound at a good price. Put ROCKbox on either, and it has even more options.
Just got the Fuze, lol.  
     Quote: Thanks, much appreciated. Really enjoying Rockbox. The Rockbox team does a hell of a good job.  
Yes, it's V2, and yes, it does work now. Loving Rockbox.
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