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I have a Sansa Clip+, and just ordered a PA2V2 amp, as well as Hippo VB's. Can anyone suggest a good cable option for me to connect my player to the amp? Does a good cable make that much of a difference, or is it just preference to have a better cable? Are there any good online stores that make custom cables? Is the iBasso CB06 any good? Does anyone here make custom cables? Sorry if these are dumb questions, newb...
I'm leaving for Yellowstone June 25th. Should be great for drowning out the wife and kids, lol.
I just ordered the PA2V2 from Gary. Very nice man indeed. I have a Clip+, and also just ordered the Hippo VB's. Really looking forward to receiving them.   GreatDane, love the case. I was trying to think of something to do for a case myself.
After looking through several reviews, I think the Hippo VB's might just be what I'm looking for. I just ordered them from Jaben. Thanks for the heads up KLS.
Thanks for the links, I appreciate it.
Hey everyone, newb here. I have a Sansa Clip+, love it, and have a PA2V2 amp ordered. Could someone help me pick out a good set of IEM's in the $100 on down price range? I'm a basshead, but I also like the sounds to be separate and distinguished. Am I asking too much for $100 budz, lol? I was thinking about the Klipsch S4's. Are the bass on these any good? Any help really appreciated. Thanks.
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