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Looking good.
Merry Christmas everyone. We got 5-6 inches of snow yesterday. Sure does make it feel like Christmas.
Looking forward to a release FiiO. Sounds interesting. I have the E3, E5, and E7. I enjoy FiiO products.
ClieOS, care to share any favorite setup/combos? Or, can you even remember, lol.
Nice review mark. So far, every review I've read, and even the one I did myself, are pretty much the same. We all like 'em.
Looking forward to it Mark. So far, everyone seems to be agreeing on what these sound like. Enjoy reading your reviews, btw.
My M3's fit my ears perfectly with the stock tips. I was worried about that, because by looking at the design, you could tell that they would be limited on depth insertion. No problems at all, a great fit.
Hey guys. Here's a review I did at MP4Nation. It's not as detailed as some of your impressions, but I think we're all agreeing in what these sound like. Take into consideration that I did this review straight out of the box. No burn in time at all. The M3's are awesome! Really liking them:
Thanks. Amazing what a book and a lamp will do, lol.
The FiiO trio:  
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