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Thanks. And no problem.
Thanks for the review rawrster, much appreciated. I guess my ears just aren't as sensitive to sibilance issues. While I do find them bright, I don't find them sibilant. I did notice a bit of sibilance, but this was with lower bitrate files.
I posted my review at MP4Nation. I myself didn't have any sibilance issues, unless it was a low bitrate file. Perhaps my ears aren't as sensitive?
Thanks for the impressions ljokerl, much appreciated. Looking forward to testing these myself.
Damn, can't even give it away, lol. Sad.
Clip+ and ROCKbox are kick ass. I love this set up.
I have a black silicone case for a Sony E345 I used to have. It has the lanyard, and arm strap. I also have a screen protector for the same. If you want it, shoot me a PM. Tired of looking at it. Thanks. CONUS only.
I actually like the design in the photo. Am anxious to see what you guys come up with though. Also, I like the button placement. Like any new player, just takes a bit to get used to.
Merry Christmas James. The X3 sure is looking good.
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