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yeah i see it now haha sorry. I was confused with the sennheiser. all those short names confuse me ^^   I tried looking up that Super.Fi 5 Pro EB but i guess its like you said....can't find it ANYWHERE. not even on ebay listed as new. Only the pro version for a price thats really out of my budget. (410usd, but will need to pay ~80usd importing costs as well)   any other advice guys? ^^
Hmmm....but if you think the triplefi10 sucks but a earlier version(?) is good? Shouldnt it be vice versa? And the pro coppers are definatly real....they were on the refurbished ebay page of monster themselfs.
Yes. Detachable is a Must...i actually had the pro turbines copper...twice. First ones broke after a month....second ones after 2 months...and they cost alot(bought them used) and thats why i never want earphones again with a non-removable cable. And also, the bass in the shure se215 is better then the pro turbine copper for sure.
The se215 is 100 euro. The ie8 i can find used for 180 euro. My budget....250 euro used or new. Notice that euro and dollar prices are usally desame... I really love the se215 but just like the bass to me more present. But still controlled and accurate like it is on the se215.
Why if i may ask do they suck? And by the way i forgot to say detachable cable is a must.Thanks guys:)
i really love the accuracy and beauty of the low-end of the shure se215...   although i wonder since im ina 14 day try-out period if it can be better.   Im looking at the sennheiser ie8 or the ultimate ears triple fi 10.   The thing i need more is bass. not more muddy, but desame beauty as the shure se215.....just more of it. that.
I need iem's with a replacable cable...but thanks anyway!
Thats what im looking for^^ Budget...about 250usd max. Im leaning towards the se215. Already have had the monster turbine copper, klipsch si4 or something...and others. Basicly i just want deep correct and powerful bass. I like to listen to movie soundtracks, happy hardcore and dance.
i guess no one cares...
got them in today, finally. I was searching for far more rugged earphones then my last monster pro coppers since i didnt like their build quality... see this thread for that: Got adviced to buy the SHO2205 and decided to go for them.   Initial tests:   used couple of songs i like: Otte knows - Million Voices. Nicki Minaj - Starships. NemesisTheory - Edge of Faith. TERA OST -...
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